Interview Series: Tamara Sky

Rising Star Aban Sonia interviewed one of LIVE FAST’s favorite muses, Miami music vixen Tamara Sky, as she released her most recent mix, Gonzo Wave. Download any of Tamara’s mixes for free with track list, descriptions and art work at Featured photography on homepage courtesy of Charis Kirchheimer.

LF: What was your inspiration for this mix?

TS: I was at a cafe reading a book called “The Power of your Subconscious Mind” with headphones listening to some of my favorite tunes, the ‘weird’ ones. I suddenly had an epiphany. I wanted to curate a unique style from beginning to end like a psychedelic journey using tracks normally classified with synth wave, new wave, experimental… That same night I finished my mix.

LF: Where did the title GONZO Wave come from?

TS: My boyfriend, Caleb, actually came up with the title after hearing the mix. The term “Gonzo” meaning weird or bizarre generally refers to a style of journalism created by Hunter S. Thompson. He used explicit personal experiences and emotions to paint a roller coaster ride for the reader. He was also know for his unabashed, lifelong use of hallucinogenics among other party favors.

LF: Who / What do you gain most of your inspiration/ hunger for more from?

TS: I spend hours flipping though fashion magazines and blogs. I’ve also grown a healthy obsession for traveling and try to witness as much as possible when on tour: cafes, countrysides, museums, shopping, etc.

LF: You use a lot of soundscapes / sound effects in your mix, do you like to play with audible theatre a lot? Why?

TS: Its funny you say that, I take it as a compliment but I’m not adding any sound effects. It’s all a part of the tracks I pick and the way I mix them where one song may overlap another making it sound unique. I do like adding movie quotes and tracks that are just noise to compliment my mixes. Some djs think there’s only one way of mixing. I like getting creative and do the unexpected. Possibilities are endless.

LF: Gonzo Wave features an eclectic playlist of music, really shows versatility and knowledge of some pretty strange and amazing tunes. Leads me to wonder what you’re currently listening to in your personal iPod / car stereo?

TS: Recently, I’ve been listening to Gatekeeper, Gianni Rossi, Kavinski, Mr Oizo and other more dark stuff.

LF: How does the term “GONZO” relate to you?

TS: As a DJ, half of my job is traveling. Some days I can’t tell if I’m chasing a dream or running from boredom, but regardless its a love/hate mission that keeps me outside of my comfort zone and inside some unbelievable trip. I’m no journalist but I strive to share my stories through music.

LF:  Who are your biggest musical influences? Who do you feel you’ve learned from the most?

TS: When I was little living in Puerto Rico, I was obsessed with Madonna… not just her music, but how she packaged her sound through her rogue personality and ever changing style. Ever since I started DJing, my palette seems to change daily, but 2 artists that I respect the most are Steve Moore and Giorgio Moroder (The Godfather of Disco). I think most new wave-ish music is a bi-product of these gentlemen.

LF: Being the only femme DJ / musician featured on The Overthrow creative collective and label, does that make you feel empowered? How/ Why?

TS: I don’t really think about the relativity that much. The core Overthrow crew are my close friends since before the collective started, and I love them like family. The music industry is obviously male driven, so Its awesome to have a die hard team that helps me grow as a creative.

LF: That can we expect from Tamara Sky x Overthrow in the near future?

Overthrow just launched our music label and online magazine at the beginning of this year so lots of forthcoming projects! I’ll be contributing to the mag about my travels, and producing a weekly podcast called “Overcast” with the all the Overthow DJs. I’m hearing talks about an Overthrow America Tour… but I don’t want to say too much.

LF: Tell the kids at home a little bit about what Pussy Violence is:

TS: I came up with the term from watching the old sexploitation film “Faster Pussy Cat! Kill! Kill!” Matter of fact, the intro to my mix Pussy Violence Vol.1 is a sample from that film. As a woman I don’t aspire to be “diva.” I strive to be what I refer to as Pussy Violence: Being a woman on my own terms. When I see another chic that is completely bad ass I refer to her or what she’s doing as Pussy Violence. It’s like the saying: “Well behaved women rarely make history.” The PV mix series conveys this mentality with mega high energy, offensive tunes.

LF: Describe your personal style?

TS: If Dita Von Teese, Tim Burton and Frankenstein fell in love at a leather bar… I would be their love child.

LF: What do you find sexy in the opposite sex? What do you find sexy in the same sex?

TS: I’m very picky, I hate orange people and anything that smells like Jersey Shore. I like girls who like to be touched as long as they don’t touch back. The one trait in men above all is confidence (not be be mistaken with narcissism). I also like guys that are fun (not funny).

LF: Favorite part about living in Miami?

TS: I love how free spirited and open-minded people are in Miami, especially during Art Basel.

LF: Where do you want to travel next?

TS: I would be ecstatic the day I get the opportunity to go to Australia because of its music scene. All my musician friends that go say its amazing and their music festivals, like Parklife, are next level. Some of the musicians I personally admire like Cut Copy, Midnight Juggernauts, Empire of The Sun and The Presets are from Australia.

LF: Favorite gig to date? Why?

TS: For the past year and a half I’ve been DJing at an Overthrow monthly party in Atlanta called Sloppy Seconds. The energy is never ending and I have made a lot of great friends there. That’s my favorite party. Its the only place I can do a Southern HipHop + heavy Dubstep set, which I love.

LF: Photos that turn you. Why?

TS: This is shot by Mert Alas & Marcus Piggott and features Karen Elson, one of my fav models. I love redheads and extremely pale skin.

BELOW: Shot by Bruno Dayan.  I love murder scenes, blood, vintage looks and dresses like that one.

BELOW: Shot by Helmut Newton.  I love Black & Whites and nice boobs.

BELOW: Carmen Kaas. It’s wicked in Berlin with these to-die-for shoes and killer attitude.

BELOW: I love the girl on girl high fashion shots with fetish bondage clothing.

BELOW: Abbey Lee is an amazing model and I like the futuristic style mixed with nudity in fashion.

LF: Top 5 places you’ve visited & why?

TS: Malaysia: They loved the Dubstep and Fidget House, I met great people there.

Indonesia: I got to drink cobra blood and I also eat it.

Mexico: In Tequesquitengo, I stayed in a 15th century hotel called Hacienda Vista Hermosa and its a creepy one just the way I like it. At night, after they turned all the lights off, I walked through the darkness to lay by the pool and it was filled with big flying bats. Besides that, there is so much culture in Mexico.

Atlanta: I like its vintage shops, thrift stores, and the tattoo culture.

London: Feels like a different world.

LF: Top 5 favorite photographers.

TS: Bruno Dayan:

Helmut Newton:

Terry Richardson:

Mert Alas & Marcus Piggot:

Jamie Nelson:

LF: Top 5 DJs / EPs/ or Mixes out now?

TS: Crystal Fighters (best ep):

Breakbot (best dj set Ive heard):

Jamie XX:
best mix:
Dave Nada, the creator of Moombahton from Nadastrom:—moombahton/
12th Planet (best dj set i heard during WMC):

L’Agent Goodies…