L.A.’s Hottest Dancers: LACDC

L.A. reserves the right to have some hot-ass dancers, and the women and men of the Los Angeles Contemporary Dance Company, a.k.a. LACDC, give you a taste of expertly choreographed, artistic modern dance.  Seeing them on stage as you probably would on a dance floor post-stage performance, the gals are beautiful with svelte bodies and the men are handsome and strong. Also, when artistic director Kate Hutter and founding member Jamila Glass enter the room, you get schooled by two very smart women. We have yet to experience anything like this crew, who rarely exhibit any pre-show jitters. Check them out!

Stemming from a dance background myself, and having a true heart-thumping love for anything el dramatica, a budding friendship with one of downtown L.A.’s most famed dance companies seemed only fitting. Their flirtatious personalities match mine, but when these riveting dancers flex on stage, the smartly trained dancers adhere to a tight agenda of one thing  – blowing your mind.

It’s nice to experience stage performances that give you the chills once in a while. We attended a decadent performance of Gods and Marionettes at the Ford Theatre last summer – a fantastic fusion of music, dance and theatre. It was a Greek tragedy directed by visionary David Bridel and the sought after a capella group Sonos, which left us winded, inspired, and somewhat on the brink of tears. Investigating the Gods in our lives through their eyes raise some emotions, believe me.

Support their sweat – L.A.’s hottest dancers always aim to please and hump you right out of your seat. Images courtesy of photographer Mark Stevens.


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