Lingerie Guide: Odile de Changy

If you’re into sweet love and romance, Valentine’s Day calls for delicate lingerie – the 19th century boudoir kind. Next time you’re in Paris, make sure to pay a visit to Odile de Changy, a promising young French designer with an adorable little boutique on rue Pont aux Choux, in the Marais.

de Changy’s line of retro classy lingerie and undergarments is strongly inspired by the designer’s grandmothers & mother, who wore lovely underthings on a regular basis for themselves mostly; not their husband’s pleasure exclusively. Although let’s be clear, it did have the same result – a better sex life – in the end.

Dying for these heart-embroidered panties? Book an allez-retour to Paris or shop the collection on sale on French online boutique Je Ne Sais Quoi (they deliver internationally).

Odile de Changy // 6 rue du Pont aux Choux 75003 Paris

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