Costa Rican Love Bug

We got all mushy when one of our favorite photographers, Chris Callaway, showed us his Costa Rican trip through the lens of his camera. Zancudo (Spanish for Mosquito) sits at the very end tip of Costa Rica, but it feels like it dangles on the edge of the earth. Both adventurous and very remote, this is the perfect heavenly nook to escape to – preferably with your love bug, and we’re not talking about any mosquito bug. Alas, this is definitely a spot for the LIVE FAST kind of lovers, and we think someone may have shot an arrow through our hearts.

As one of our first contributing editorial photographers – we showed him off in Chris Callaway’s Dark Palette a while ago. But the heat continues to rise with this dreamy photo-board of the HOT Costa Rican fun and sun.

Twenty minutes from Panama on the Pacific side, you lovers would have to fly into San Jose Airport and then take an eight passenger one propeller plane into Golfito, a small fishing town also in the likes of the edge of the earth. Callaway says, “The airplane ride is an adventure in itself, but nothing that a few shots of whiskey can’t cure and ease. The flight altitude wasn’t high, which means you were surrounded by clouds, giving you this surreal feeling like you were present in a real life hologram.” We say yes, please.

Once in Golfito, you and love bug have to take a water taxi to the destination at hand. A public boat is five dollars but live a little and find a random dude who has a private boat for fifty bucks. You will then veer off into a delta filled with alligators, crazy birds, snakes and monkeys. A narrow river surrounded by mangroves soon opens up – a short ride later, and you arrive.

Zancudo is also a very narrow peninsula so it only has one dirt road running north and south for approximately ten miles. “It’s way remote – three bars, two police men, and two small markets are all you have, and mostly more than you need,” Callaway mentions proudly. Cool love bugs can also talk up a local bartender and score a joint, too – just saying.

What’s also highly recommended is that you stay in a house at Colose Del Mar like Callaway did… With a feeling like your visiting an old family member since the cooking and hospitality is incredible. As if our hearts couldn’t thump louder, there is quite the surf directly outside the house with a beach that stretches for miles in both directions.

Almost one last thing – If you like to fish, and you’re as good as this photographer, you can catch yellow tail tuna, mahi-mahi, and mackerel to probably add to the ‘best sushi of your life roster’.

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