Rising Star: White Arrows

We promised more from White Arrows… here it is. Mickey Schiff took some time away from recording with the rest of the boys to answer our questions.


LF: What’s your current play list? What are you listening to?

MS: Where The Wild Things Are book on tape. GREAT FUCKIN’ OLDIES (doo wop compilation) is in my CD player.

LF: Do you have any muses?

MS: Everyone who I don’t understand, who is just about EVERYONE.

LF: Is there anyone that would make you or has made you “star-struck”?

MS: Clint Eastwood probably. It’s the crow’s feet. OH! If Brian Wilson, Clint Eastwood, and Alejandro Jodorowski all walked up to me and say what’s up.

LF: Favorite concert?

MS: I can tell you that JP’s favorite is Weird Al Yankovic’s.

LF: If you only had one hour to spend in New York City, where would you spend it?

MS: Probably at my sister’s apartment, or anywhere south of 14th street.

LF: What is the first album you remember buying?

MS: I was like 5 years old, and I got Warren G’s  “Regulate”

LF: What lead you to study mystic shamanism?

MS: Well on the first day of a Shamanstic Ritual class, my advisor/professor came into the room 15 minutes late, covered in dust and with a doctor’s mask on his face, as well as a flashlight attached to his head.  He then told us,”True story, true story…  I just drove here, and got back this second, from burning man. True story, true story… Janis Joplin was in eagle form flying over the RV the entire way from California.” Ya… I was into it.

LF: If you can make it in New York, you can make it anywhere. But L.A. can swallow you, then spit you out. Which one is more intimidating?

MS: NY cause they shot Tupac first, but then I’m scared of L.A. too, cause they shot Biggie.

LF: Tell us more about the bands you’ll be touring with soon.

MS: We’re going to be hittin’ the road with Cults and Magic Kids. Cults are rad, a 1960s pop revival band who wrote one of the catchiest songs in 2010 “Go Outside.” They’re damn exciting! And the Magic Kids are good…really nice soundin’. I saw them opening up for Ariel Pink at the Echoplex, and they put on a killer show. It should be a really great time. West Coast be prepared in APRIL.

LF: Where do you see yourselves this time next year?

MS: Hopefully wearing shoes with soles that cover my socks. It would be nice to still be asked questions about my music.

LF: How do you Live FAST?

MS: TRY EVERYTHING, and have a pessimistic opinion on everything that you’ve tried.

LF: Art talk: What inspires you? – Favorite artists?

MS: Robert Longo, Salvador Dali, and I mentioned Jodorowski above.

LF: Fashion talk: What’s one of your favorite trends? – Best look on the opposite sex?

MS: Hip to be square. Not crazy. Maybe some high wasted jeans..

LF: Sex talk: What gets you off? Figuratively and literally.

MS: Whatever you’re into.

LF: Travel talk: Share a recent adventure.

MS: I recently went to Miami during Art Basel to do a DJ set for a VICE and Broken Hearts Club party, didn’t sleep for 3 days and shared a cab w Pauly D to the airport.

LF: It’s a Friday night in LA. Where to, boys?

MS: It is Friday!? I’m home recording, but ask Steven or Rob. I guarantee they’re somewhere fun.


(No, no, no, thank you.)

So there you have it. Their upcoming west coast dates are definitely worth checking out. Cults are also playing at Coachella this summer. Hopefully we’ll be able to rock out to White Arrows soon in the desert. Someone should book them now for the party at the Polo Club. Or who knows, maybe their invitations just got lost in the mail.

L’Agent Goodies…