Japanese Love Hotels

Traditionally – and this still holds true in many rural areas of Japan – the whole extended family would all live together under one roof. The same house with paper thin walls hosted husband, wife, her mother and his sister, children and elders, and so on… The only way couples could have sex (with privacy) was to check in to a love hotel.

And now guess where the modern swingers stay when they travel to Tokyo? Yup.

In the quirky or ultra luxe love hotels, tourist rub shoulders (and other casualties) with an eclectic crowd of “normal people” including movie stars, hookers, artists, wealthy business women, and of course some locals.

The Quirky Japan Homepage posted a good lil overview of what goes on in there – peep it!

But in YOUR fantasy world, what goes one in these hotel rooms when the doors are shut? Artist Duo Lagoi & Lace produced an erotic shoot in technicolor to tickle your imagination. It’s titled The Love Invaders, and I really wish it starred Katy Perry but you can’t really enter a Japanese love hotel with a big photo-team, so Ralph Lagoi and Kate Lace managed to get in incognito.

The spread was first published on the Ben Trovato Blog. It blows my mind!

Apparently the first love hotel will open in France next summer, in Pontoise, next to Paris!!!

Would you check into one and if so, with who?

L’Agent Goodies…