Coat Check: Hit or Miss

Life in the big city is expensive. When I was low on funds, I resorted to being a coat check girl at one of the best steakhouses in town. It wasn’t the most glamorous job, but a girl has to pay her rent. When I wasn’t rapidly exchanging coats for tickets (the job was at times extremely hard, believe it or not), I had some down time to get some reading done. By the end of my (coat check) career it was money well earned and totally worth it. I vowed never to go back. “Nobody puts baby in the closet!…” or something like that.

There will still be someone there to take your coat though – so here are my rules for the next coat check girl… Check yourself.

Hit: Check your pockets before leaving your coat. You won’t have any regrets later.

Miss: If you do find yourself back at the coat check getting your lip gloss from your pocket try not to seem so irritated. Then the coat check girl doesn’t have to fake her cheery attitude.

Hit: Give the attendant your full attention. Give them your coat, take the ticket, and move on.

Miss: They’re not allowed to have a sign like this. Regardless, it’s a rule to live by.

Hit: If they can’t find your coat, try and remain calm. “There are hundreds of coats in this closet and they all look the same. If you could just give me one moment, I’ll have your coat for you.” is about the politest way I could say it.

Miss: If you did leave something in your pocket and it ends up being gone at the end of the night, you have no one to blame but yourself.

(Big) Hit: Tip well. There is really not much more to it then that.

Miss: Lingering around to keep hitting on the coat check girl is a definite no. She has no where to run!

Hit: You can however charm her and then along with your tip (At least a 20, dude!) slip her your digits.

L’Agent Goodies…