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At Jenette Bras, a luxury lingerie boutique in Los Feliz, the alphabet starts at D.

“I come from a long line of women who are big on bosom and short on patience,” explains the charismatic Jenette, whose chic store offers the widest selection of fancy, embellished and hell-a sexy D-K (!!!) bras in Los Angeles – an immersive lingerie experience enjoyable for everyone, from myself to the 16 y-o Hollywood debutante to your Mexican grandmother.

No seriously. Trust me, at first I was skeptical, too. But as soon as I entered the store and met Jenette, I immediately started crushing on her bra; a simple black piece with crossing string design details in the front by Marlies Dekkers, a Dutch lingerie designer adored by a bunch of celebs including Fergie, Britney & Lady Gaga.

“Do you have this one in my size?” – I asked, charmed. She looked at me with a smile and stated the obvious: the only way to get an accurate measurement is to get fitted. So she put a bra on me to try my sense of humor. And yes, that was a size K!


The band size, the measurement tight around your rib cage just under your breasts, is written as a number. This is fixed and standard.

The cup size represents the volume of your generous bosom. This is written as a letter. Cup size is relative to band. In other words, a G cup on a large band is bigger than a G cup on a small band.

The problem is that there is no global standard among bra manufacturers. You may wear a 34D in one brand and a 32FF in another. And even styles from the same lines are cut differently, giving a different fit for each individual bra. Not to mention that each one of us is shaped differently. And at different times in our lives.


Now take it to the dressing room…

Where at Victoria’s Secret I’m a 34B, once fitted at Jenette Bras I suddenly discovered I’m a 30E (or 32D), the size, apparently, of a Dita Von Teese. Yay! And when I saw Jenette’s face as I started jumping around, ecstatic to discover my sexy new cup size, I realized she must be getting that reaction a LOT.

Which prompts me to ask the question… Are you fitted properly?

Jenette Bras / 4308 Melrose Ave., Los Angeles, CA 90002

Photos by Dennis Martin

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