Millinery With a Cause

When do you hear of a millinery with a cause? You really don’t, ever. Ariane Millinery has some of the most precious, high-end one-of-a-kind hats I’ve seen in my life. Accessories, head wraps and all types of beautified hair bling – all hand-carved and dreamt up in house by founders Ariane and Amin – fill up the celeb-favorite boutique located on Melrose, right smack dab across the street from the infamous Fred Segal.

Here’s a little back story since we all know this is my favorite thing to do. Ariane Azarpira studied millinery back in the early 1990’s at Otis Parsons LA and took up the wholesale route. Her son, Amin Moinzadeh, used to shape those hats for the wholesale collection throughout high school. When Ariane Boutique opened up in Beverly Hills in 2000, he started designing and making hats for the boutique, too. In 2007, he learned from a lady named Manami Sakaguchi, who designed hats for the Empress of Japan, a technique called braiding that utilizes an early 1900’s sewing machine. 2008 came, along with their forever to-die-for Melrose location. I walked down that street two years ago and when a bunch of art pieces resembling hats stared at me through the window, I walked in and started a friendship that’s held strong ever since.

Welcome to right now. Amin Moinzadeh has a smile and aura of confidence that’s as seamless as the hats he thinks up and executes in his design work. His mother and the woman behind it all has the most decadent, classic style an artistic woman could want. These words are to warm you up to this so called cause I mentioned in the first paragraph. Amin has a side project. I believe that nothing is a coincidence, so for this “side project” of his to be called H.A.T. is formal and calculated (plus, we love acronyms).

Helping All Transient focuses on getting people involved in giving back to the homeless, orphans, transient children, women living on the streets, shelters and senior citizens. Say what? It’s really not a big deal, but it makes you think of what you are doing, did, and want to do to be what we all already are – human.

Some of the over the top compliments that H.A.T. manifests are things like making hygiene kits for the homeless. “Items you and I use everyday to stay clean, smell good, and appear well groomed,” Amin blurbs. “We provide anything from sleeping backs for transients living in streets, recycled clothing and shoes to donating household goods to people transitioning from shelters to homes.” Wow, I guess the next time my shopping spree at the thrift store won’t be so much for myself.

H.A.T. has started a chapter in Mexico, focusing on helping an orphanage for blind children by donating clothes and cooking for them, helped a shelter that houses single women women with children from abused backgrounds by donating goods for their new home, and senior citizen assistance like buying new refrigerators and throwing them a recent halloween party. I guess Arianne Millinery’s facebook profile picture doesn’t need to change from a hat to a once watched childhood cartoon to raise awareness for child abuse, right?

San Francisco soon gets a treat from H.A.T. as they zero in on a shelter to bring goods, take an inventory of things they need, and continue to be a universe that the less fortunate tap into in a goal to manifest the bare necessities. “Our concept is simple – give what you don’t use since someone less advantaged can put it to good use. Many know how to take and have forgotten the simplicity of giving,” Amin adds.

Pay homage and literally get with the program of a real-time giver. To inquire on how you can help, since we all love to this Holiday season, contact Amin at

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