A (White) Arrow Through Your Heart

There is a song stuck in my head and it’s by White Arrows. The band has only released a handful of songs (An EP, some remixes, and a few covers), but their sound is solid. If you’re interested in the L.A. Music scene then you may have already heard of this darling band of misfits, but even though their fan base is growing (they’ve done shows at Art Basel, CMJ, and been featured on MTV) they’re still unfortunately way under the radar.

The band’s reputation precedes them. Their lead singer, Mickey Schiff, is a Los Angeles native who was born blind – which forced his other senses to become stronger. He had an immediate attraction to music and. When he miraculously regained his sight, he didn’t stop listening. He went to college and then moved back to L.A. to start a band, then discovered that his close friend and band mate is actually his brother – needless to say their story is already legendary.

Who doesn’t want to hear what a graduate of Mystic Shamanism has to sing about? Er, ok, I realize that probably comes off horribly pretentious and I don’t even want to tell you that he also graduated from NYU, but he did. He’s got New York attitude and California style, what’s not to love? Are you swooning yet? If not, then you probably have before because he’s been making L.A. girls weak in knees for a while now. And you’re just catching on now?

Normally I would agree with what you might be thinking. “Why do we need one more rich kid rock band making indie music?” Well the answer is simple. It’s because White Arrows is fucking good. Their sound is everything you want it to be. Their songs will be the anthems to your late nights (and early mornings). Music makers y’all better step your game up (I’m talking to you, Julian Casablancas and company). White Arrows will (hopefully) be the next big thing.

I finally caught one of their shows the other night at the Echo after listening to their songs on repeat for a couple of months. I was enjoying the show but then when Mickey thanked the crowd for coming out on a Monday and to “God bless the job less,” I knew it was the beginning of a beautiful (music) relationship. Everyone around me chuckled with approval as I thought about the fact that most of us probably had jobs. But I think what Mickey meant was the “job” less generation we’re a part of. Struggling artists, writers, actors and musicians live all over Los Angeles and especially in the neighborhood he was speaking to. They might not make much money or have the job their father wanted for them but they are happy doing what they love. And that’s the great thing about White Arrows. Don’t expect them to stop til’ you’re listening.

So when is a fully produced and promoted album coming out? When will they start touring more? Their friends in New York are in need of another fix. We want answer, boys. Interview to come ASAP.

L’Agent Goodies…