Art Crush: Isaac Fortoul

The moment you catch a glimpse of Isaac Fortoul’s artwork, you can’t help but stare. His watercolor-over-ink illustrations are a youthful take on tribal aesthetics.

Isaac Fortoul is a native of Union City, NJ, and currently part of an artists’ collective, Fortoul Presents, organized by his brother Gabriel. Gabriel began his career as a high-powered Wall Street man, later transitioning into art management and promotion. For the Fortoul duo, creative expression is truly a family affair.

Isaac combines a range of symbols, from Biblical images to street motifs, to weave tapestries of visual narrative. Each piece seems to tell a story about the lives of the people in it. His work is aptly described as “[capturing] the magic and the absurdity of urban life.”

If you’ve ever lived in a big city (hello New York? Los Angeles?), you know that nothing is more chaotic or more fascinating than the urban experience. Ultimately, that experience comes down to the diverse mass of individuals that exist within one space. Isaac Fortoul’s work effortlessly captures that spirit.

Check out Isaac’s illustrations on the Fortoul Presents website. And take a moment to stare. The magic is in the details.

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