Snapshots From Moscow

Our all-time favorite travel photographer Marie-Joelle Parent just got back from a trip to Moscow and snapped some priceless images of the Russian megapolis. I’ve been dying to go there for years, but hearing about her trip makes me want to book my ticket… NOW! We’ve also included a quick Q&A with Daniel Laporte, good friend, talented architect and party boy extraordinaire, who just moved from New York to Russia for business in September and shares with us his first impressions. Mouse over images for photo captions! 


What was your first impression when you landed in Moscow.

Where the F** am I? LOL! Not far from it… You can’t read anything… You can’t understand anything they say… But this is not China… They look like you.

As an architect, what impresses you most?

The orthodox churches… we do not have anything like this.

What is your favorite building / monument?

The seven Staline Towers throughout Moscow, then the St-Basil Church on Red Square.

Are there a lot of Westerners? Did you make a lot of friends? How does it feel to transition?

Not a lot of Westerners… I did come in with a lot of introductions from people living here and Russian living abroad.  Russian are cold from the outside but very “hospitaliers” once you are introduced to them.  Transition is like any transition to a new city… fascinating but not easy.

One thing people should know about Moscow when visiting there? Best kept secret? One thing people should know: Traffic jam is the worst in the world! Learn how to take the subway…you’re going to save countless hours otherwise stuck in traffic… literally! I got stuck already 4 times for 3 hours without moving!!! There is actually a Chinatown…(but no Chinese in it) lol! beautiful little neighborhood a little hilly… right next to the center…very quaint buildings and smalls street.

Favorite vodka brand at this point?

Beluga Vodka is a great one… a little expensive…

L’Agent Goodies…