Los Angeles: Pharmacy Boardshop

Pharmacy Boardshop prescribes a breath of fresh desert air for us smog guzzilers in LA; THANK GOD.

When it comes to Hollywood skateshops the pickings are slim to none. Most of them I would hesitate to call “shops” – they have more of an LA snobby boutique feel to them. Overpriced shoes, clothes, elitist employees and the feeling of “if I needed a complete setup they’d have everything you need……but bearings.” Although it is Hollywood, what would you expect? So I must say when walking into the new Hollywood Pharmacy, I felt like a little kid walking into his first skate shop all over again. It isn’t the overwhelming experience of walking into a huge Active franchise or something. The Pharmacy is short, sweet, and to the point. Exactly what a core shop should be, Hardgoods with a splash of soft.

The majority of the shop is split between the dopest hard goods and board selection in Hollywood, and a shoe wall that will satisfy any skater’s needs. The rest of the store is filled with core brand’s clothing and accessories. Not to mention the Emerica sponsored Hangout section in the back, complete with a old school 720 arcade game, computer with internet access, and a dope flat screen with classic videos playing all day… Oh wait I left out the huge buttery ass flat ground spot in the parking lot behind the shop, open for events on the regular; which has already hosted epic demos, signings, and premieres.

So where did this spot come from? Consider it the brain child of Pharmacy Don: Donny Damron and  OG pro skater Bryan Herman. Donny has been behind the Pharmacy since 1997 and opened multiple shops in different states. Bryan on the other hand has been riding for the Pharmacy since age 13 and killing every aspect of the skate game since. When you mix someone who has been doing the shop game for years and one of skateboarding’s most respected riders, it’s tough to go wrong. And that’s exactly what this duo did, NOT GO WRONG. With Herman holding down the spot on a daily basis, any skater who knows what’s what is stoked to be able to walk in and shoot the shit with him or anyone of the local pros in the area that happen to be stopping by; Seeing the kids’ faces light up when they see their favorite skater(s) actually working or hanging in the shop, gripping boards, selling product, and putting in time with the locals and kids is just one of the few things the Pharmacy is bringing to the Hollywood youth and community… With the tight knit Pharmacy “Phamilia” right behind Donny and Bryan, the vibe, is always nothing but welcoming, friendly, and humble… quite refreshing here in LA, and with stats like these it’s impossible to compete, Pharmacy Hollywood has the entire package and more. Other skate shops….ya’ll better step yo game up.

This shop is exactly what Hollywood’s skate scene needed. It gets no more authentic then the Hollywood Pharmacy Boardshop and its family, and if I’ve picked up anything from being around this amazing world and family is that when it comes to business, authenticity will always prevail.

This hidden gem is located at 1542 N. Cahuenga Blvd right in the heart of Hollywood, right in between Sunset and Hollywood Blvd, making it a great spot for foot traffic, and centrally located for all Hollywood skaters.

Pharmacy, welcome to Hollywood, glad you could make it.

Pics by DirtyKlips.com

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