On Modern Chivalry

Let’s tell it straight: as a young man nowadays, considering the society we’ve bred and grown up in, chivalry ain’t what it used to be that’s for damn sure – or perhaps it’s simply evolving. In my mind, it’s simple enough. If you truly are into a girl, don’t smother her with over-the-top good manners and etiquette; most of the time, that attitude will make you look like a bitch, which isn’t what you should be going for, ever. Make a woman feel good about herself and you will find her hot and bothered in your bed at the end of the night. I only speak from experience.

It is NOT rocket science to make a girl feel good about herself, but it is pretty much the essence of modern chivalry; do it not just to get laid, but because you can, because you should want to make someone, especially a woman, feel good. That right there will help every aspect of your game and life right off the bat. From friends to the fine ass girls at the bar, apply that basic line of thought and things will go better, faster and further than you’d think.

Obviously, let’s not get too crazy or corny when it comes to the spitting game, although there is a time and place to drop the corn ball shit. Probably not the best idea until you can comfortably goof around. Be it fuck buddy to girlfriend, just the classics will get you in the door. Simple compliments such as: “you look beautiful,” noticing her shoes, hair, purse, anything that you know they put time into – and even if you don’t know, say something nice.

Take a moment to look at your chick up and down and comment on something because when she is out and about looking good, she is doing it for you. The countless hours in the bathroom and shopping is all for you, so take a moment and appreciate. If you walk up to a girl who has clearly put time into herself and drop a genuine comment, like “you look beautiful tonight,” and follow it up with a “I’d love to buy you a drink, or dinner” or wherever you want to go with it, odds are if the girl has half a heart and you ain’t uncomfortably awkward you should have some one-on-one time on your hands.

And if a girl is looking blah and you both know it, even better. I’m no fashion guru but I can tell when a girl is at her best, her normal, and worst. And normal and worst could be the best time to drop in a little love: never kick someone when they’re down. In fact, extend your hand and help em up. Bullshit if you have too, but the bottom line here is to make a woman, or anyone for that matter, feel good about where they’re at…

Now if these classic compliments are my basic openers when I meet a girl, I also use them wherever and whenever I can with loved ones and random strangers: from the young lady I see strolling down the street who I have no chance with, to a girl who just looks bummed out at the bar for reasons I ignore, to my own mother. And if you can manage to apply this key concept, you will be lighting up the faces of hundreds of women and friends around you.

Help me resuscitate chivalry, be a gentleman with me, – cause it usually can lead to some ungentlemanly behavior (in the bedroom, that is.)

L’Agent Goodies…