An Ode To NYC Women

Again this may be a generational thing, but lately I’ve noticed a decrease in the amount of clothing worn by a woman. Maybe it’s due to how overly sexy and provocative our society has become, or maybe it’s global warming, you can’t deny the fact that clothes are coming off. Now I don’t mean I dislike seeing a lot of skin and that you should be hanging around in sweatsuits. All I’m saying is leave a little to the imagination; as I try to point out as often as possible, men are very simple creatures. We don’t need to see too much to become interested.

I feel like in LA especially, when girls get all done up to “hit the club” or whatever the occasion is, the trend is to look like a slut. Ladies don’t get me wrong, there are plenty of well-dressed, classy-looking girls out in Hollywood… and this bloggy thing is not directed at you. But for all these girls who feel like it’s necessary to hike up your skirts til your cheeks are about to fall out, wear giant heels, a slutty top to compliment your fake boobs, spray tan, and fresh extensions to get attention from the boys… well, you’re wrong. Slow the fuck down with all that.

I recently took a little trip to NYC, and I must say it’s a whole other world and class of women over there. All motivated, classy, and very much doing their own thing. It was very refreshing to see that because after being in LA for five years, I was jaded. Now, for the most part while in LA I was tied up in a fucked relationship, but let’s be honest I can see what’s going on in this city, as I’ve been working in mainstream Hollywood for those five years. For the most part the cliché is true: women out here in LA are chasing fame, money, and whatever they can post up on their social networking. And I must say I’ve seen some low shit ladies. Again, I know men are pigs too, but that’s expected to some point… All I’m saying is hold on to the little class left out here in LA, because at this point, I’m moving to NY to find me a wifey.

Granted I went out to NYC for Fashion Week to have some fun with some friends and there were tons of models walking around, I gotta say there are just more New York girls with just a natural beauty, walking around like it’s nothing. I don’t think I saw one bleached blonde, ridiculous set of fake boobs, or any outfit that could compare to the LA “slut.” All the ladies were very subtle with their beauty, wearing classy outfits and looking good. It’s hard to describe really, like i said I think it’s just more of a natural look, but it’s also what they are about, I’ve never met so many women all actually doing something with themselves; not the classic out here “I’m an actress” as she takes my order… I can remember having real conversations, not just about who they hung out with at the club last night, or what they just got a call back for. It was actually stimulating and I must say I loved every minute of it, seemed like everywhere I turned there was a beautiful girl walking down the street that I wanted to know… I found myself calling out wifey to women all over the city.

Now I do love LA, and I’m not leaving California. I know that there are some amazing, beautiful, classy ladies out here in LA too but I have to say the ratio of women I would actually consider dating seriously is way outta wack in NYC’s favor. Maybe it’s because I’m in the middle of Hollywood and surrounded by fucked and damaged people in general, but it’s what I see and I’m calling it how I see it. And at this point, if I ever wanna get hitched, I will need to get out of this town, that seems apparent. But then again, who knows, I will admit there are some diamonds in the rough.

At the end I feel like it just comes down to self respect. Some girls will do just about anything to get where they want to be, whether it’s a bank account, starring in a movie, or whatever. And that’s Hollywood, it’s the place where it all happens. So naturally, the sluttiest girl will probably get further… but shit… meanwhile it seems the NYC ladies are holding on to theirs, not depending on anyone, working, and starting careers. All while looking good.

In my head, there is no comparison.

Now I started this article trying to point out that ladies where I’m at leave nothing to the imagination when getting all dressed up, but slowly it turned into a topic I’ve been meaning to cover, comparing the vibe of women of NY and LA. So whatever works – I guess my final advice is just to keep it classy, you don’t have to look like a slut to get a guy’s attention. We love you no matter what you wear.

L’Agent Goodies…