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Ever since I posted about the Ask Ladyshark column I’ve received several requests for more & more sexy advice, and one interesting question came from a very good friend of mine, Michelle Joni, one of the few ladies I know who’s at least as much on the computer as I am. Now that we do pretty much everything virtually, what’s the status on cyber sex on IM & Facebook chat (!!!) – and sexting?

So I did some investigating on the following hot topics: What are the best pick up lines? How do you really get it on without video? If you haven’t been doing it online since the old days of mIRC chatrooms, here are few insider tips…

Gauge your relationship first

You know that if it’s someone you are attracted to, the conversation will most def go there at one point. And when this happens, think of yourself as free; this one sex talk just opened a Pandora’s box to a fruitful, continuous foreplay with your inhibitions dropped. Make sure to remember the goal is to get him in your bed ASAP. And if it’s not, then girl you’re just a cock tease and / or I want to know the brand of your vibrator!

Express your desire

Start talking about sex in general, so the guy feels comfortable and knows you’re into it. Initiate with “Are you alone right now” (this should / could get him hard right away), or “I would tell you something personal right now, but forget it…” (surely to have his blood pressure rise up a couple notches, along with his curiosity). This type of verbiage formulates on its own as the conversation progresses. Have fun with it, be creative… and keep it classy.

See it as an erotic correspondence

See where your (and your partner’s) boundaries lie… so you can better cross them. Whether it’s “I like it from behind most days” or “My fantasy right now is to have it on the table” etc, the cyber sex now starts. Sometimes it’ll get so insane that when you look back at your conversation, you’ll become convinced that you should be writing kinky porn type B movies on “Skin-a-Max.” And in that case, I guess that’s a good thing. Let yourself go.

Be open minded

Expect anything and be responsive, since after all you are only typing. Play out the fantasies. “If I was with you, what would you do to me? > is your dick still that hard? > baby I’m so horny I want you why aren’t you here > you’re getting me so hot > tell me how hard it is > I need a good spanking > are you into it?” Sometimes the person on the other side might be into some weird shit, but then again, they can’t see you; minimal responses to IMs that don’t float your boat can instantly be transformed by merely giving a couple of neutral responses and then bam, you take him back into your world by blurting out something like “I think that I want to keep teasing you until you can’t take it anymore” or “I’m dripping wet right now, stop it or I’m gonna explode!” This one always works, I promise!

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