Flavah Tripping

Over the weekend, coincidentally in Palm Springs for a wedding at the same time as a great friend of mine, I found myself after-partying in a large house on Santa Maria Way where a bunch of 30-something San Francisco peeps had gathered for a birthday weekend to feast and snap out of their routine. As per my usual intuitive sense of timing, we made a glorious entrance into the party only few minutes everyone had jumped into the pool for a bain de minuit… quite an original way to meet new friends, I gotta say. “Swing party” – I thought immediately, as I cried wolf on Twitter. But as I took a seat and started chatting with my girl while munching on delightful carrot cake and sipping on cabernet, I realized that these contemporary hippies were no Lifestylers, only happy drunks frolicking innocently in the water. I wasn’t going to witness anything indecent or even remotely sexual, and to be honest I must admit I felt a relief. I’m not ready for that shit.

But I was still in for a brand new sensorial experience at this point, and once everyone had their trunks and bikinis back on, birthday boy invited his guests to partake in a flavor trippin’ session. Surprisingly I had never heard of the miracle berry before, perhaps because I ain’t no burning man regular?

Here’s how it works: Synsepalum dulcificum, a fruit native to West Africa, contains glycoprotein and miraculin within its pulp, two ingredients proven to trick i.e. fuck up your taste buds for a short period of time. Suck on the fruit (or a concentrated tablet you can easily get online) and once it coats your tongue, the miraculin temporarily causes acidic and bitter flavored food and beverages to be perceived as sweet. Wine turns into Manischewitz and licking a lemon feels like you’re eating a lollipop. Suddenly, I couldn’t help but wonder if this miracle fruit could be a swallow-aid for picky blow-jobbers… Check out some snapshots from this eerie scene!

PICS by Faith-Ann Young and Dennis Martin

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