Concert Etiquette

You’d think it’d be simple to have a great time at a concert, but some peeps are still getting it way wrong. Aren’t you sick of the wasted fools devaluing your concert tix by simply not knowing the proper way to behave (we’ve had girls puke on our feet at EDC before…)? Take a look at our concert etiquette manifesto to ensure your and your friend’s experience is an awesome one. You can be a HIT or MISS out on all the fun!

HIT: The only time it is ever cool to get kicked out of a concert is when someone notices you’re in the dressing rooms without a backstage pass.

MISS: It is totally lame to get kicked out a concert because your friend is too drunk.

HIT: If you’re going to push your way to the front of the pit, do it with style. If you look good and act good, then even the most intimidating guy won’t be able to get in your way. (Words to live by!)

MISS: If you are trying to get up close at a concert, don’t hold your friends hand as he/she lags behind you. Every man for himself, ok? Go at it alone even. It’s worth it.

HIT: It actually is totally fine to snap a photo on your iPhone or digital camera.

MISS: But don’t hold onto your camera the whole time. Unless you have a press pass. Put it and your cell phone back in your pocket and enjoy the show.

HIT: Don’t be afraid to dance and jump up and down a bit. I don’t want to have to come over there and shake you. Or tell you that you’re too uptight.

MISS: However if someone has asked you to “back the fuck off” and to “stop flailing around” then do so. No one wants to have to kick the shit out of you.

HIT: An awesome concert is a perfect excuse to wear one of your best outfits. Some of the best fashion trends have been seen backstage at shows over the decades.

MISS: Glam rock lives on in platform shoes not body glitter.

HIT: Every show deserves an encore.

MISS: Don’t fuck with the band EVER. This includes but is not limited to professing your love from the audience, throwing your bra on stage, or thinking it’s cool to bypass security and jump on stage.

L’Agent Goodies…