Art Crush: Alex Varanese

I first discovered Alex Varanes a few months back and got wacky over his hell of an enticing portfolio of work. Titled Alt/1977: We Are Not Time Travelers, this 14-piece series taps into the past and how this witty artist thinks the best design element is anachronism. I let it sit, and upon opening it up again, I dove into the notion of just how cool a time traveling enthusiast can be. While I’ll settle for almost any of his original pieces, I love tapes, especially when the font on them reminds me of my handwriting, Run DMC, and head spins on cardboard circa ’86.

My newly dubbed time machine humper calls himself as a tortured artist, rogue scientist, and international playboy. He states he probably likes red more than you and I do, and spends most of his time fixing the time machine. Oh ya, he also has a series of six titled Circuit Bent Type that I happen to be wild over:

Secret Identity, Circuit Bent Type Series

Varanes is busy. His client roster consists of mega big shots like Wired UK, Surface Magazine and Nike. German publisher, Rowohlt Verlag just used three of his pieces as Jack Kerouac cover art.

Now that I’ve name-dropped for him, let’s hear his disclaimer:

“First and foremost: No pre-existing typefaces were used anywhere in this series. Like, down to the model numbers on the chips. It’s all either custom lettering or original fonts.” – Alex Varanes.

February ’06, Circuit Bent Type Series

Varanes has that very confident and to the point thing about his approach; it’s not everyday that you can browse an artist’s work, and within each series get to hear the voice behind the work in a 3-4 paragraph description. Very catchy and well put, you get an inside look at his inspiration while giggling at his random thoughts and in-your-face outlook. I heard him, saw him, and felt like celebrating the work more because of this.

Act Three, Circuit Bent Type Series

A couple more peeks before you get to see something he does that’s awesome, yet again:

Enmeshed, Circuit Bent Type Series

Stranded, Circuit Bent Type Series

Now for some fun – his iPhone Wallpaper can be downloaded here. L>I>V>E> it_up!

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