Yeti Beats & Fatlip New Vid

Last night at Branson Bar, Fat Lip and Yeti Beats celebrated the release of the video for their latest collab, L.A. Girl (as premiered on URB). I love the energy these guys share. I love how Lauren Graham was able to get the best out of the duo to create a shiver-inducing video for a track I’m playing on repeat!

Check out my interview with song producer extraordinaire Dave (Yeti), watch and share!



LF: How did the L.A. girl track come about?

YB: So, I woke up one morning and came into the studio and Lip played me what he had made the night before… It was a very rough version of the song. It had one verse and one chorus, and upon first listen I thought it was kinda bizarre and funny. This was like 2 years ago. I put the demo in a folder of works in progress and we kept working on other tracks. About a year later, I was going through random unfinished tracks and when I came across L.A. Girl, I was struck by the fancy pronunciation and witty lyrics. I knew we had to re-do it. After quite a bit of coaxing, I convinced Lip that we should produce it up. We actually recorded it about 8 months ago. Lip and I produced up the track with special help from a few of our friends the Handroidz (scratching), Kool G Murder (huitar), John Asher (percussion), and CAV3 (Juno). All around it was collaborative effort…

LF: Is this how you guys usually work?

YB: There is no set way we work… Sometimes I give lip a beat to write to, sometimes he’s got one, or we’ll make it up together on the spot. Lip is a dope producer as well and he has taught me a lot about music and the studio.

LF: Safe to assume the song is a true story? “She’s always in my way…”

YB: Lip claims that the song is made up… But I still kinda think it is drawn from real life. Lip is pretty creative.

LF: What do you guys think of L.A. girls? I mean, really?

YB: I love L.A. girls… Best in the world! That’s why we made the song. They are so amazing that… it can be distracting for guys sometimes.

LF: What’s your favorite part of the song?

YB: The museum part, especially when he refers to Basquiat as bas quat. Funny and witty.

LF: What’s your favorite part of the video?

YB: The scenes with choreographed dancing on Hollywood Blvd… Classic L.A. moment. LG did a great job! Big up!

LF: What’s next for Yeti?

YB: I just finished a compilation record that features more collaborations with Fatlip as well as tracks with Kool Keith, Sizzla, Kurupt, JR Reid, Rebelution, and more. And we have some tour dates coming up in July with our friends Rebelution. And I am working on a handful of other projects that I hope to release early 2011. Fun and exciting time… Cheers!



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