Interview Series: Victor Wilde

I caught an ecstatic Victor Wilde on Facebook chat last night right before he headed to the Harajuku H&M store to partake in a colorful flash mob. Seems like the founder of vintage primitive clothing line Bohemian Society is way high on Japan Fashion Week right now – as he should! Few pics and Q&A.


LF: Compare the Fashion Week vibe here and there.

VW: There is no comparison to be made between LA and Tokyo. The Japanese are some of the most creative and free thinking people in the world, and their craftsmanship is beyond compare. It’s like you can’t compare Milan with New York. It’s just a different world. I saw an entire dress made out of safety pins and metal rings. Incredible. The vibe is electric. People really care about fashion and style and there is very little snobbery. Everyone is super friendly. I have a badge but never requested any invites, and I will usually get a proper seat.

LF: What trends have you noticed so far this trip?

VW: Snaps and crosses. I saw really great uses for snaps – literally designers using snaps instead of sewing. Crosses. Sequined body suits. Lots of sequins in general. More retooled vintage with studs. Chainmail.

LF: Describe your women’s collection for 2011 S/S.

VW: Well, for Tokyo I made a few parachute dresses, hand-embellished and dyed tees, daiskiki-style tees, hand printed and dyed leggings, a black dress with a ripcord waist and a Japanese-style print and a fringe crop top made out of a bandana. I am repped by the Greenwich showroom in Shibuya. This line is way different than the collection I presented in LA, which I dumbed down from my usual over-the-top style. That collection was a lot more safe: no prints, almost all cut and sew, lots of lace.

LF: Safe to assume you were probably able to do this sacrifice creatively because you knew you could go crazy with the Tokyo line?

VW: I almost always go crazy but in LA I had to play it safe to keep costs down. My previous collection was crazy – but actually I saw a lot of that craziness here, so I will bring that collection back. A season later, it’s in style… I guess that works out fine!

LF: How do people react to your work here?

VW: As an American moving to Tokyo to launch this brand, I will be very original – that’s what people think. I love it here very much. LA’s helped me cut my teeth, and it feels like it’s time to move on to the big leagues.

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