Modern Swingers

When most people think of swingers, unsavory images of overweight members of the over-fifty set having group sex tend to come to mind. Yuck. Thanks to the media and choice documentaries like The Lifestyle: Swinging in America, the orgyists of recent are depicted as fleshy Middle Americans bumping uglies with their nearest and dearest—which is a far cry from their sexy, slinky, disco-tastic 1970s counterparts that put the sensually charged “S” is swing culture.

Well, that was until now.

Enter the new swinger social phenomenon – now dubbed the Lifestyle – where young and attractive couples swap partners, have exhibitionistic sex, watch others get down, and just embrace their passions in a way that’s far from ordinary. Just like what the new name for swingers conveys, this modern breed of Lifestyle participants incorporates a heavy dose of sensuality into their life and, of course, their bedroom practices. While most people are off making small talk at cocktail parties and painting the town in various debaucherous hues of red, these sex enthusiasts and getting ready for their marathon orgy session, a ritual which involves the complete obliteration of body hair and the donning of minimalistic attire.

It’s safe to say that these Lifestylers are having a lot of sex – and way more than mere sexual mortals like us. Where you and I might be lucky to bring home a sassy stud or seductress from a night of bar hopping or club dwelling, this swinger lot may have multiple partners in a single night of fun – and that’s not including the not-so-elusive gang bang that’s known to make a cameo at Lifestyle events from time to time. Oh, to be a fly on the wall at a swing party…

I’ve recently had the opportunity to hobnob with Lifestylers at various swinger house parties and club events and have found it pretty exciting to be an innocent voyeur. As a curious vanilla party guest (since I have yet to actually partake in the lascivious action, me and my fellow non-swing brethren are deemed vanilla), I can sincerely tell you I’ve seen things that have made me blush, made me look away, and made my nether regions tingle. The typical party unfolds the way a vanilla event would: drinks and mingling, followed by overt flirtation eventually ending in a hookup session. The major difference is that while us yawn-worthy vanilla types take our action to our respective apartments, the Lifestylers do the dirty out in the open and for all to see. Similar to sharing a dorm room with a horny coed in college, it’s hard not to get turned on when there’s people having sex adjacent to you, but at a swing party the steam quotient is turned up to eleven. Just being surrounded by numerous couples simultaneously fornicating is an amped up sexual stimulant – consider it like live porn; where every sight, smell, and sound is visceral and even contagious.

While not every couple at these parties is going to be h-o-t, there is a feeling of freedom and a certain joie de vivre that doesn’t always exist in our puritanical vanilla world. While most of our social gatherings revolve around the quest for sex, we try to convince ourselves that our motives are not that base. In the swinger community, everyone is there for a similar reason and that eliminates the social awkwardness or even the silly small talk. There’s an unspoken common denominator that makes their social interactions seamless, easy, and without the same expectations that you and I might have. Because, let’s face it, they all know they’re going to get laid!

Words by Venus in Heels

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