Best Breakfast In Negril

Last summer, I had the unique chance to spend a whole month on the beach of Negril, Jamaica working on a fantastic project with a good friend of mine (and one of my favorite artists of all time), the outstanding painter Corno. Luckily enough, this woman loves food as much as I do and swears by activating your metabolism by keeping a steady rhythm of three full meals a day.

In Jamaica, breakfast is the most enjoyable time of the day for several reasons. First off, Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee is without a doubt the best coffee in the world. It is incredibly smooth and fresh and won’t give you jitters à la Starbucks, no matter how many cups you have. Second, nothing can beat the sweetness of fruits on a Caribbean island. I can safely say that I have had during these four weeks the most delicious pineapple I have tasted in my life. And finally, the idyllic setting. Every morning, as we walked to the restaurant, we would pinch ourselves looking at the pristine waters of the seven mile beach.

If you happen to book a trip to Negril, do yourself a favor and do not book a room in an all-inclusive resort. There are so many small joints to discover (no pun intended) as well as fascinating locals to meet…once you’ve gone passed the hustlers, obviously. Below are my two favorite spots to eat the most important meal of the day!

Norma’s On The Beach

Located in the Sea Splash resort and named after award-winning Jamaican chef Norma Shirley, Norma’s On The Beach has the best food, but also the best service on the beach. Ten days into the trip, the staff called us by our name and sneaked us a double portion of home made banana bread (a must try) from the kitchen to go along with our fruit plate.

Sharing one dish and some fruits will hold you until lunch time, but we couldn’t resist the banana pancakes and a side of bacon on weekends. Coffee is complimentary.


We stayed over at Kuyaba for the first few nights of our stay, until we found the hotel we actually wanted to spend the rest of the month at. Can’t beat the rooms at $100 per night: they’re clean and even offer wireless Internet.

Breakfast there was simple but fresh and tasty. I had never had green bell peppers with my potatoes before and I thought it was a really nice twist.

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