Bosnia: A Complex Beauty

LF contributor Lauren Jane Berger shares photographs from a recent trip to Bosnia.

Only 15 years ago, bombs were flying over the incredible turquoise river that divided Mostar, Bosnia’s Catholics from its Muslims. The bridge now standing is a copy of the prized 16th century arch that fell during the war.

Although the walls (and hearts) of Mostar remain bullet ridden, they nevertheless stand strong and serve as constant reminders of all that was lost.

The delicious burek is Bosnia’s pride and joy, consisting of either spinach and cheese or meat (no one seemed to know what kind) wrapped in a delicate savory dough and oven baked.

Majda’s Hostel is an excellent place to stay in Mostar, where you can to get to know backpackers (as well as Majda and her entertaining tour-guide brother Bata) over complimentary tea and cake.

Bosnia has faced many hardships in its recent past, making for a complex culture amidst its natural beauty.

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