The Doors 24 Hour PlayList

6AM- Wake up to Break on Through

7AM- Sip a coffee while Waiting for the Sun

8AM- Ride to work listening to Roadhouse Blues

9AM- Light my Fire, smoke a cigarette. Break time.

10AM- Keep the spirit and Take it as it Comes

11AM- Hungry as a Crawling King Snake

Noon- At the cafeteria, People Are Strange.

1PM- Rainy day calls for Riders on the Storm.

2PM- Afternoons bring you down? Ride on the Crystal Ship

3PM- You don’t need a reason to enjoy Twentieth Century Fox

4PM- Is Summer Almost Gone or are you in for some Wintertime Love?

5PM- Evening’s coming fast. Five to One, baby!

6PM- Watching the news, can’t help but feel these are Strange Days.

7PM- Dress up to The Changeling

8PM- Meet friends and/or an LA Woman

9PM- Flirt with Touch Me

10PM- That girl is hot! Don’t you Love Her Madly?

11PM- To find out, go for a stroll on Love Street

Midnight – Penetrate the evening on a Moonlight Drive

1AM- Take the highway to the End of the Night

2AM- Grab a late bite in the Soul Kitchen

3AM- One last drink means Alabama Song

4AM- When The Music’s Over… it’s time to leave the bar and go home.

5AM- This is obviously The End

L’Agent Goodies…