Look At Book

In this age of digitalism, passing a book back and forth from Brooklyn to Belfast between four artists should happen more often. It should happen from city to city, silently responding to the artist (sender) with your own art (response). A book that gets filled up with content in response to the artist that sent it back and forth, and from and to any given two cities should be done again. Take inspiration from sending in random order putting a stamp on it to see what you get in return, then meet for whiskey to discuss what each entry meant, and form an exhibition.

The possibilities, along with the rush and chills up our spine upon discovering book, are endless. These artists, these normal men that work heavily on a local and international scale, have impressed us. They are Mac Premo and Duke Riley of Brooklyn, New York,  and siblings Oliver and Rory Jeffers of Belfast, N. Ireland.

Milan to New Zealand. Tenessee to Thailand. Los Angeles to Queens. Hey, maybe a reuniting book tour from our fabulous four pioneers.  Sounds like a silent love – art project right? It is, and we think it should happen again. Learn more here.

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