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Live Fast Mag curates the best of fashion, art, sex, and travel. A vivid and sexy inspiration board for the aesthetically-inclined, Live Fast features in-depth interviews, putting the spotlight on up-and-coming artists, designers and the beautiful minds of our time.


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Abby Brothers & Brooke Frederick Take New York

Brooke Frederick and Abby Brothers gallivant around NYC with an assortment of Wasteland garments, rolls of film and an adventurous attitude. We’re stoked on Abby’s recent move to the city that never sleeps; check out her exclusive interview on the Wasteland blog.


Interview Series: Kayla Varley

Kayla Varley‘s photography reels you into a spontaneous, but intentional space, where every photograph feels like a poignant moment in her life. This passionate young artist is building up her portfolio at an impressive pace, shooting editorials and campaigns alongside a team of likeminded friends & creatives while traveling around her native state of California.


Art Crush: Rone “Project M” For Strychnin Gallery, Berlin

The most exciting street artists are those who are consistently trying to push boundaries of form and expression. These past couple weeks, Rone has been working in the freezing cold, high above Berlin, on the largest wall he has ever attempted. Painting around windows and balconies in his signature cinematic style, the Melbourne-based street artist delivered three sumptuous renditions of the gorgeous Teresa Oman. The project was curated by Strychnin Gallery.


Hotel Tour: Madonna Inn’s Pick & Shovel Suite #123 (NSFW)

The mayhem continued well after midnight in our equestrian themed Pick & Shovel Suite. With a suitcase full of rad clothes, a couple delicious bottles of One Hope Wine and a camera, we had ourselves one hell of a drunken dress-up dance party. If that wall-to-wall red leather couch could speak it would probably tell you that it hasn’t seen that much fun in a while…


Lookbook Lust: The Dreslyn “Tell Me All The Things You Do”

In the over-saturated world of fashion e-com, The Dreslyn is raising the game. The highly-curated shop founded by ex-Montrealer Brooke Taylor Corcia keeps it real with a focus on style before fashion, offering a true glimpse into the mind of the California fashionista. In time for the colder months, this gorgeous black & white editorial featuring Amanda Hendrick reflects Corcia’s personal style mottos – she wears “a lot of black; I look for pieces that can take me the distance. I’m a big believer in an investment piece. I love a great jacket, leather, things that are more timeless.” Have a look, and get shopping!


Editorial: “Cold Mountain” By Evan Lane & Kayla Varley

Our favorite pair of roadtripping shutterbugs take it to Topanga Canyon with the fab Avery Tharp for a gorgeous new exclusive editorial titled “Cold Mountain.” Have a look!


Rising Star: Alice And The Glass Lake

Brooklyn-based Alice and the Glass Lake is ethereal music for dreamers, the kind of tunes that can switch your mood around and change the story in your head when you’re having a bad day. The gorgeous songstress recently released a fantastic new video shot at Lake George in the Adirondack Mountains for her single “Coming Down,” premiered last week during a private concert in Los Angeles at Space 1520. We  hung out with Alice for a portrait session with L.A. photographer Evan Lane and talked about dreams, inspirations and new chapters.


Art Crush: Mark Rubenstein’s “Gone By Dawn” (NSFW)

In “Gone By Dawn,” a photographic body of work spanning 13 years, Mark Rubenstein introduces his muses; beautiful ingenues caught in a transitional period between the vulnerability of childhood and the power of their future self. The images are moody and surreal, reflecting the shaky, yet exhilarating feeling of being “not a girl, not yet a woman.” The book (limited edition of 100, signed & numbered) has just been released at Colette in Paris and although it hasn’t had its Los Angeles debut, Rubenstein’s already way deep into his next journey. Enjoy our interview and peep all these babes!


Preview: Faith Ann Young’s “Eat Cake” 11/09/13 At The Space 650

“Eat Cake” marks a critical shift for Venice-based photographer Faith-Ann Young from straight documentary style to more stylized Fine Art portraiture. An escapism series inspired by romanticism and magical realism, it depicts eccentric Parisian performance artists, House of Drama, role-playing in a bohemian, velour-covered attic in Paris. Be sure to join us for the exhibition’s preview & opening soirée on Saturday, Nov 9th, 7pm-11 PM at The Space 650, located at 650 Sunset Ave Venice CA.


Lookbook Lust: Wasteland “Paint It Black”

Harper Smith‘s “Paint It Black” editorial for‘s relaunch channels that dark bohemian look we all lust for in the fall. “I love vintage photography vibes, so I wanted to create something a bit dark and nostalgic to set the pace for Wasteland’s modern take on vintage,” the photographer explains.


Preview: “LA Odyssey” @ Bruce Lurie Gallery

Three photographers, Lily Flores, Serge Gil and Kristy Mann, pooled their creative juices in this compelling ongoing series “LA Odyssey” opening Nov. 7 at the Bruce Lurie Gallery in LA. In part one, “Conceptions,” they explore the idea of the masked nude interacting with the vast canvas and place they call home, Los Angeles.

The Ugly Duckling, Hollywood Hills, Kristy Mann


Interview Series: Amanda Jasnowski

Life is short, do what makes you happy… Everybody’s on that tip, but Amanda Jasnowski is actually doing it; living in Brooklyn, traveling the world with creative friends, falling in love with a man on a different coast, directing ad campaigns for iconic brands, getting featured in 30 under 30 lists. Not bad for a 21-year-old, right?


Check In: Big Sur’s Ventana Inn & Spa

Whether you’re going on a solo retreat, on a road trip with a group of girlfriends or on a romantic getaway, Big Sur is sure to bring peace to your heart. It’s the perfect destination to truly disconnect from the daily hustle and enjoy some quiet time in the middle of nature. A mile away from Pfeiffer Beach, we’re checking into the Ventana Inn and Spa - a Joie de Vivre Hotel, a luxurious rustic resort surrounded by redwood, oak and bay laurel trees.


Editorial: “Freestyle” by Kayla Varley

If it’s fall foliage you’re after, Los Angeles can’t deliver. But as the weather cools down, days become shorter and nights lengthen, we start craving pie, bundle up in cozy sweaters and hit some skate spots with the boys. This feel-good editorial by the proficient Kayla Varley perfectly captures that vibe…


A Photographic Tribute: Vicki Dougan, The Real Jessica Rabbit

“You don’t know how hard it is being a woman looking the way I do,” famously said Jessica Rabbit, a sultry character inspired by 1950′s model, actress and party girl Vicki Dougan who was propelled to fame thanks to her publicist who commissioned a series of provocative backless dresses.


Healthy Addiction: Lashfully Beverly Hills

My beauty philosophy is pretty simple: less is more. I grew up with a mother who glorified “le bare face” and a healthy glow, with a general disdain for the overdone. I’m always shocked when I’m greeted by a perfectly dressed young gal with glossy curls and a fully made-up face at 9 in the morning. How can anyone pull this off?

I like to cleanse, moisturize and call it French chic; however lately I’ve been cheating on my roots by adding a little drama to my blinkers without any change in my morning routine, thanks to my fabulous friends at Beverly Hills salon Lashfully.



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