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In Focus: Seea, Suits Born To Surf

Surf’s up, ladies! Aside from a nice board, you might also want to have a great outfit to express yourself out there on the waves or on the beach. I was looking for a rashguard that’s pretty and practical at the same time, and my search had been rather disappointing until I came across Seea. It was love at a first sight, and I had to hold myself back from buying the Doheny Rashguard in every color. All made in sunny California, the products will protect you from burning with sun protective fabrics.


Interview Series: Brittney Panda

I don’t quite remember when and how I started following @brittneypanda on Instagram, but every time I scroll through my feed, her posts make me pause and take another look. Her photos are always filled with intensity; intertwined with pain, innocence, beauty, darkness and sensuality.


Art Crush: Ho-Ryon Lee

Ho-Ryon Lee‘s tantalizing oil paintings make your eyes focus on non-existent points, leaving you to think you are seeing double. Your eyes send mixed signals to your brain, which gets confused as to what you should be looking at and forces you stare at the image for a shamelessly long time. These suggestive and sensual overlapping images are based on actual photos taken by the artist and then painted on canvas. Gorgeous!


Giveaway: Hot Toights For A Stylish Fall [closed]


As summer is coming to an end all I can think about is prepping my closet for the ever so stylish cold weather days – think scarves, furs, berets, boots and most importantly stockings! You can really glam up a simple outfit with a rad pair of tights, and lately we’ve been lusting for this stunning legwear collection from Toights.


Lookbook Lust: Houghton SS13

As NYC fashionistas run around town in preparation for the semi-sacred Fashion Week, we must admit that we’re beyond excited to sit down and watch HOUGHTON‘s chic SS13 runway unveil before our eyes…


Moments of Rapture

Just imagine how much time and patience Swiss photographer Fabian Oefner had to put into creating these stunning photographs of bursting soap bubbles for his project called “Iridient.” He used high speed flash units and special lighting to catch the soap bubbles in different stages of rapture. According to the Oefner, it took him couple of hundred shots to finally capture that moment, since bubbles disrupt extremely quickly.


Spotlight On Luckyrice Festival

From May 1-6, 2012, New York Asian food enthusiasts are invited to sink their teeth into a week-long celebration of Asian food in the City, with events ranging from a Night Market underneath the Manhattan Bridge to a Salute to Asian Spice dinner, a Talk and Taste event and – of course – a Grand Feast, the festive culmination of the festival. Are you hungry yet?

luckryrice festival grand feast

Grand Feast: Mandarin Oriental ballroom


Happy Under the Rain: Best Umbrellas for Spring Showers

An old Scandinavian saying goes: “There is no bad weather, just bad clothing.” That’s why you can be happy under the rain if you have an umbrella that makes you smile every time you open it. And even better, you will see strangers’ faces light up when they see a splash of color in groggy weather.


So many choices - Umbrella street in Spain (photo by Doro y el Mundo)


Art Crush: Liquid Ink by Alberto Seveso

What happens when you drop colored ink into a fishbowl? A dance of colors that is too fast for a human eye to register, but when captured by a high speed digital camera, delivers mesmerizing results. This is what Alberto Seveso did in his photography series titled Liquid Ink, which will take your imagination for a ride. Enjoy!

Liquid_Ink_Alberto_Seveso_1 READ_MORE>>

Love is Art Kit: Intimate Masterpieces

A great abstract expressionist painting is a wonderful conversation starter, and when it’s made with a Love Is Art DIY art kit, I can guarantee it will leave a lasting impression not only on art lovers… but just on lovers in general.  You might want to have another “G” rated version of the painting’s history at hand for when you are visited by in-laws, ex-es, new love interests, or curious little kids who want to learn about art at an early age.

love_is_art_kit_2 READ_MORE>>

David LaChapelle’s Earth Laughs in Flowers

Valentine’s Day is typically one of the most popular days to buy flowers, whether you love them, or just out of obligation. But “I love you” is not the only message that can be expressed through a bouquet, especially when it’s carefully arranged by David LaChapelle and photographed like a Baroque still life painting. The large format, chaotic photographs seem vibrant and happy at first, just like flowers should. But when you take a closer look you get hit with notes of human overindulgence and greed, and somehow “I love you” doesn’t cut it anymore.

David LaChapelle’s still life photographs installation “Earth Laughs in Flowers” opens today, February 14th, at the Robilant & Voena gallery in London, and on February 23 at Fred Torres Collaborations.


The Lovers


A Film For Pina Bausch

3D technology found its way into an art house film for the very first time, and the result is devastatingly captivating… German dancer/choreographer Pina Bausch and her dancers will emotionally entangle you through your 3D glasses in Wim Wenders’ documentary Pina.



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