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Live Fast Mag curates the best of fashion, art, sex, and travel. A vivid and sexy inspiration board for the aesthetically-inclined, Live Fast features in-depth interviews, putting the spotlight on up-and-coming artists, designers and the beautiful minds of our time.

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Art Crush: Paul Wackers’ “Early Romantics” At New Image Art

The aptly titled body of work “Early Romantics” by artist Paul Wackers, which opened at New Image Gallery Saturday night, reflects the carefully composed style of 17th century Dutch and Flemish still life paintings.


Photo Of The Week: 15/2/2013

This past week was fairly quiet on the site because we ventured out to Hawaii to cover POW WOW, a gathering of incredible street artists. Well thanks to this amazing denim jacket created by Haight Ashbury Co. in collaboration with NYC illustrator Marilyn Rondon, ”TOTALLY STOKED” became our slogan for the whole entire trip. This particular picture was captured by Laura Austin at this rad little art sanctuary called The Refinery Project on the North Shore, just after we got back from swimming with sharks. Needless to say, we had plenty of reasons to be “TOTALLY STOKED” on this trip.

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Magic Hour With Spencer Hamilton

Vancouver-based skateboarder Spencer Hamilton is a soulful man. Bright and introspective, we got to chat with him in his first interview since turning pro about touring, his brand new pro model, what turns him on, and future dreams.

Photos courtesy of Shad Lambert / Supra Footwear

Photo Of The Week: 1/25/13

A group of street kids in the overpopulated city of Tondo, just outside of Manila, Philippines. Serious reality check in that corner of the world. This image was shot on the Supra Asia Tour 2012 by Dennis Martin from Los Angeles.

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Valentine’s Day Giveaway: Win A Love Is Art Kit! [Closed]

Right in time for Valentine’s Day, here’s everything you need to safely create an art piece while making love. Sounds messy, right? However, everything is well thought of: the paint in non-toxic, there is a plastic sheet to protect the floor/bed/kitchen counter, non-allergic cotton canvas, slippers to wear on the way to the shower, a body scrubber and a “Do Not Disturb, Painting in Progress” sign! Each winner of this sexy giveaway will receive a “Love Is Art” Signature Series Kit along with a boxy tank in Black & White & Coral & White, a love bracelet and a box of incense. Having sex on canvas is something everyone has to try once in a lifetime, and the result of your kinky adventure will remain with you forever – whether it ends up on your wall or in the fireplace after a bad breakup!

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Photo Of The Week: 1/18/13

Whenever I drive, I always have some type of camera on the passenger seat; waiting for an opportunity to capture something awesome… and there he was. I saw him come out of the pharmacy and it’s like he knew. He knew I saw him and that I wanted his picture. He just stood there with style and ease. 

I was stoked. I had one shot before that light would turn, and I got it. I wish it were a better story… A couple of weeks later, I saw him come out again, but this time he just walked away. All good – I got the shot!  Jasmin Mieles, Los Angeles

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The Blogger’s Guide To Using Stipple

The Internet can sometimes be a cruel place. As bloggers, photographers, general creative types, we pour our energy into presenting our work to the internet community. But we lose connection to our content as it gets blogged about and reblogged, pinned and re-pinned, tumbled and re-tumbled. Hyper-sharing i.e. virality might be the sincerest form of online flattery, but most people still want their work to be attributed to them – right? And at the same time, consumers are innately curious about the person behind the art and the curators of the Internet try their best to give credit where credit is due. So why does it have to be so difficult?

When we heard about Stipple, a service that offers content creators a way to “tell stories through their images as they travel the web,” it struck a chord. Bloggers and content creators who upload their own images can “claim” them through Stipple so that the attribution info stays with their image and links back to them no matter what site the image ends up on. Let’s use our photo editor Abby as an example as she contribute tons of original content to Live Fast:


Live Fast Mag Presents: “Untamed” at LUX / EROS

Live Fast Mag is pleased to team up with LUX / EROS Gallery in Venice, California to present Untamed, a group show featuring the work of Chad Muska, Jason Lee Parry, Jenn Porreca, Atiba Jefferson, Arto Saari, Ali Gallagher, Alexis Gross, Abby Wilcox, Dennis Martin, Paulo Diaz, Molly Stone, Danielle DeFoe, Justin Fry, Cody Comrie, Rick Kosick, Desanka Fasiska, Charis Kirchheimer, Kit Scarbo and Faith-Ann Young. The opening reception was held on Saturday, July 21 2012 from 7 to 9pm; the exhibition will remain open for viewing by appointment through August 10, 2012 and 10% of sales will benefit Keep a Breast, a 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization whose mission is to help eradicate breast cancer by exposing young people to methods of prevention, early detection and support. LUX/EROS is located at 2118 Lincoln Blvd Venice, CA. For purchase inquiries and appointment requests, email us!




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