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Live Fast Mag curates the best of fashion, art, sex, and travel. A vivid and sexy inspiration board for the aesthetically-inclined, Live Fast features in-depth interviews, putting the spotlight on up-and-coming artists, designers and the beautiful minds of our time.

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Mad for Madrid

Check out Chueca -¬† one of the hippest districts in Madrid. In the 1970s, it was a mecca for your lonely gay prostitute, but Madrid’s modern gay district is ¬†offering a whole lot more: trendy restaurants, dark smoky bars (or not – Spain banned indoor smoking last month), and charming boutiques, lining the narrow streets where stylish young Madrillenos gather to eat, dance, and find every excuse to celebrate.


Stalking Harajuku Girls

Have you ever wondered what would happen if you took a bunch of acid and read the story of Little Bo Peep? Or if she herself had a tab (or three), what she would decide to wear on a Saturday afternoon? This vision exists and it’s called Harajuku. This demented fairyland of a district is small yet attracts dozens of young, otherwise innocent teenage girls from the beige suburbs of Tokyo to escape their normal lives and school uniforms in favor of lavish, attention grabbing outfits that would make their mothers blush and Gwen Stefani sing. Oh, lolitas…


New Zealand Bohemia 101

If you’re a free spirited bohemian type who loves nature and the open road, New Zealand’s South Island is the ultimate getaway. Hike tropical rainforests, trek icy mountain glaciers, cruise through centuries old redwood forests, sample the sauv blancs of Marlborough, and free-camp beside empty black sand beaches…¬† there is so much natural beauty on this incredible island, so rent a hippie van and explore!


Bosnia: A Complex Beauty

LF contributor Lauren Jane Berger shares photographs from a recent trip to Bosnia.


China: Chaotic Culture Clash

A photo-reportage by Lauren Jane Berger

If you’re looking to step outside the Western world, go to China. While laboring over my visa application to visit China a few months ago, I wondered what it would be like, envisioning blocks of bland communist housing and imagining how different it would be to live in country of over a billion people. Turns out it’s very, very different– for starters, it’s cheap. Like, really cheap. A big plate of stir-fried tofu or chicken in a restaurant costs around $1.40, and you’re not likely to find any vegetarian (or non-Chinese) food.



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