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Check In: Sedona’s Adobe Grand Villas

Sometimes you just need to step away from your day-to-day life, forget about your obligations to the rest of world, and do something for yourself. Over the New Year I decided to do just that and set out on a 5 day, 2337-mile road trip… by myself. Making my way from Los Angeles, to New Mexico, and eventually ending up in Sedona, Arizona where I found myself at the subject of this hotel story, The Adobe Grand Villas.

All photos by Laura Austin


Lookbook Lust: Burton Girls Fall 2012

My favorite things about photography are the places it brings me and the people it has introduced me to. A little while back, Burton Snowboards hired me to shoot their Fall lookbook for the relaunch of their Burton Girls site. However instead of being restricted to a snowy environment, we brought the ladies up to Portland and ventured out to the amazing Oregon Coast to shoot the team riders Hannah Teter, Gabi Viteri, & Kimmy Fasani in a camping/adventure theme.


Snapshots From FYF Fest 2012

I seem to make a lot of spontaneous decisions in life… this may either come back to haunt me or make for some very interesting stories, but so far it has seemed to work out in my favor. I really had no intention of going to the FYF music festival in Los Angeles until an hour before I somehow ended up at that very location with a group of good friends.


Slow Times In California’s Sequoia National Park

Last year for Father’s Day my dad decided to fly out from Colorado to California to visit. Instead of just hanging out where I live, we decided to make it a vacation for both of us and embark on the six-hour drive up to Sequoia National Park.


Snapshots from Coachella 2012

I’m going to start this off by saying that if I hear one more thing about the Tupac Hologram… I might punch a hole through a computer screen. Now that we have that over with, I still think Coachella is over hyped. Don’t get me wrong, it is an incredible experience that I think everyone should try at least once, if not for the music… at least the people watching. After breaking my Coachella cherry last year I went into this year’s extravaganza a little more level headed knowing that I wasn’t going to get to go to every party I wanted to go to, see every band I wanted to see, and meet up with every friend I wanted to meet.

Laura Austin Coachella 2012

Somehow the guys my friend Darren was staying with managed to sneak a shopping cart full of alcohol into their second story hotel room. I was impressed.



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