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In Focus: The Mattson 2

Allow us to introduce The Mattson 2, the dynamic twin brothers who have mastered the California vibe with their unique sound, blending traditional jazz percussion with straight up surf rock. It’s perfect summer party music.


Live To Drink: New Cocktails at The Churchill (Los Angeles)

Summer may be over but The Churchill at the Orlando Hotel is giving us something to get excited about. The restaurant, located on the trendy stretch of West Third, has just unveiled a new mixology menu created by the talented Mia Sarazen. The handcrafted drinks are eclectic while still paying homage to classic cocktails; taking the time to get to know the neighborhood and the clientele, she’s crafted a cocktails list that really has something for everyone. Here are our three favorites!

Rye 2 Ways


Lookbook Lust: Kahlo’s FW12 “Awkward Presence”

This latest video lookbook from Australian based label, KAHLO is a captivating surprise. In “Awkward Presence,” model Alexandra Papa displays the label’s cutting edge contemporary apparel hauntingly below the night sky.

Under Thomas Sobel’s direction, Papa makes her way through L.A., the city that inspired the collection. Nick Foster’s music supervision bolsters the mood of the short, creating the soundtrack as Papa climbs under the cover of night through the dry and deserty hills overlooking Los Angeles, generating a vibe that not only speaks the language of the city itself but conveys its vast and alienating beauty.

The enviable clothes, the beautiful girl, the stellar soundtrack, along with Sobel’s mesmerizing direction makes it all too easy to admire. Check it out for yourself. Watch the director’s cut and fall in love with the clothes, the music, and the city…

KAHLO F/W 2012: Director’s Cut from Thomas Sobel on Vimeo.

Some images from the actual print lookbook:

The Hudson Block Party Recap

Well, summer is finally here. So now it is time to do what this season is known for – partying! We are entering that special time of year when friends, day drinking, and great entertainment are in abundance. Our friends over at The Hudson in West Hollywood last week threw their second annual block party and really got this season off to a great start.

The Block Party was in full swing when I got there. With a line down the block, it was clear that this was an event not to be missed. Inside was filled with some of the coolest tastemakers in Los Angeles, good food, and plenty of booze. Our friends, The Black Banditz were on hand to not only bring their work hard, play harder vibe but also to give tattoos as well as a haircut or two.  Cohesive and Co. was also on hand to dress the crowd in their rad apparel. Their t-shirts really caught my eye and I can’t wait to find them in stores.

The gracious hosts at The Hudson kept their doors open and provided their usual fantastic hospitality with plenty of drinks to go around. The launch of their new weekday brunch addition was also being celebrated. Bottomless Mimosas will be available as well for those “pick me up’s” almost everyone in Hollywood can appreciate. If their block party was any indicator, it’s sure to bring in a fun crowd.

The first band I was able to catch on a great lineup of (mostly) local bands was Haim. Led by three sisters Alana, Danielle, and Este Haim they are quickly becoming one of my favorite bands. The audience only got bigger as the girls continued to play. It was pretty much impossible to ignore these fierce ladies shred up onstage. If you get the chance, checking Haim out is a must.

Up next was Saint Motel who came to the stage equipped with a bottle of Jack Daniels. I tried hard not to love them only one song in but I just couldn’t help it. I have a weak spot for whisky and boys that can rock out. “How do I look? Am I driving too fast?” sang their front man AJ Jackson. I don’t think that question needs answering. Their debut album will be out soon and they’re playing quite a few shows coming up. If you’re already intrigued then I’d check them out ASAP.

LP was the second to the last act of the day. The band hit the stage in suits and sunglasses. They were lead by a sharply dressed girl armed with a ukulele. She grabbed my attention right away. Vogue recently noted that she has “Dylan-goes-electric swagger” and I couldn’t agree more. Their cover of “Go Ask Alice” by Jefferson Airplane was tucked into their set and was a crowd pleaser to say the least.

The band it seemed everybody had been waiting for, White Rabbits finally took the stage to round out the end of the party. Fortunately they were worth the hype they’d gathered throughout the day. Their effortless combination of drums, guitar, and piano were refreshing as well as sexy. They definitely had the crowd on their feet after a long and exhausting day.

Holding it down around the corner from the main stage all day was a constant flow of DJs spinning what will be this summer’s essentials sounds. Compromised mostly from The Table Manners roster, the DJs had a constant crowd of those eager to really dance. I caught one particular moment when “Rack City” came on and saw partygoers from all over rush to sweat it out on the makeshift dance floor.

All photos by Stephen Albanese

Overall the event was awesomely harmonious. It wasn’t just a good excuse to party and listen to music; it was a chance to get to know your neighbors. And isn’t that what a block party is supposed to be all about?

See you for brunch at The Hudson this summer!

Review: Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros At The Greek

The moon was out and spirits were high. It was this past Friday night that I caught the soul inspiring Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros at the infamous Greek Theatre under the night’s sky. Their debut album “Up From Below” was our soundtrack for many work sessions at Live Fast. I was equipped with my best friend and a bottle of wine. Alex Ebert (the lead singer who, in case you didn’t know, is not in fact named Edward Sharpe) and company were about to take the stage and I was ready to move to their enchanting music.

Ebert took to the stage bare footed and in white like the full moon shining. Reminiscent of his bohemian creativity he handled the show with ease. There was no set list but Ebert and friends had no trouble navigating their way through the evening. Choosing songs from “Up From Below” and their new album “Here” along with help from the audience, the set was a little bit of everything.

The audience was elated and grateful to watch such a free spirited and talented band light up the darkness of Griffith Park. Ebert must’ve picked up on our friendliness when he went into the crowd to howl at the moon. Everyone gladly joined in. Ebert wasn’t always front and center though. His female band companion Jade Castrinos was also featured in most songs as usual. During one particular banter after the song “Carries On” Castrinos made a touching moment for everyone. After repeating the lyrics “One love – carries on…” Ebert remarked that it was “kind of cheesy” to which Castinos replied, “Yeah but it’s true.” Spirits were lifted even higher.

The most memorable part of the show though was what seems to be everyone’s favorite song “Home”. Known for it’s memorable lyrics and sweetness the band really played their hearts out for us. Everyone was up on their feet and enjoying not only that moment but also what seemed like a joy for life itself. Their usual banter during the song was edited for the occasion and Ebert and Castrinos riffed on how the song came to be. He asked her if she remembered the day he came up with it at his apartment in Elysian Park. “Do you remember what you said to me that day?” “Let’s sing it right now!” Castinos had pleaded. With a twinkle in their eyes they finished the song with a beautiful sentimentality. It felt memorable for everyone.

The last show that had brought me to the Greek was when I had just moved to L.A. Unlike that night, this time I had friends in town, a job, an apartment, and enough experiences to consider myself a little more grown up. I’d come a long way, baby. So as the show ended there was nothing to complain about. The concert was unforgettable and Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros made for a great soundtrack to the night. As I was leaving, home felt like a good place to end up.

psst. Pics are from Abby Wilcox’s coverage of Outside Lands 2010.

Interview Series: Seasick Mama

I was introduced to Seasick Mama by Dan Regan from The Black Banditz when her journey finally brought her to the West Coast. By the time our schedules finally allowed us to meet it was her last day in Los Angeles. So when deciding where to meet up I had only one burning question: Have you been to Château Marmont?!


Hump Day Humor with Rob Delaney

If you are not following comedian Rob Delaney on Twitter, all 129,179 of his followers would agree that you’re missing out. He has a “penchant” for The Eagles and a way with the ladies. You’ll want to get to know him not only for his wicked good looks, but he’s also because he’s seriously talented. His personal break down of comedy in Vice Magazine is what got our attention and we were super stoked he took some time out of his busy sched to answer some questions… and give us a good laugh!


From Venice, With Love

I had the pleasure of meeting photographer Devin Ford in a local Hollywood bar during one of my first nights in my new neighborhood. After she and a friend joined me and my date for a drink or two, we all became elated with Devin’s southern charm. Later when I finally saw her work, I was even more impressed. Her photographs are effortless, full of life, and seeping with natural beauty. Check out these images from a recent trip to Venice, Italy – and here’s what she had to say for herself:


Interview Series: Allie Pohl

Los Angeles-based artist Allie Pohl‘s concept “Ideal Woman” centers around the idea that modern society is obsessed with the “perfect woman.” It isn’t a far-fetched perspective… we see it everyday in advertising, magazines, movies and television. Extreme dieting is common for young women these days in order to remain thin, but is it all necessary? What is beauty, anyway?


Art Crush: iShowmyself

Nick “Pika” Foster, Will Crimes, and Tommy ”Taking it EZ” Sobel are hard-working boys who formed the DJ trio iShowmyself as an excuse to make time for partying. Utilizing their love of good music, good vibes, and awesome friends, the group just fell into place. We’ve been crushing on these guys for a while and their parties are our top picks for a great night out in L.A.


Women Addicted To Porn: What?!

It’s not surprising when we hear about men and their addiction to porn. In fact, it’s pretty common and socially acceptable to an extent. What is shocking to us however is the sudden rise in women being addicted to porn. We were shocked when we read this article from The Guardian. One study published in the Internet Filter Review in 2006 found that 17% of women describe themselves as “addicted.”

“I remember the feeling of being sucked in, really wanting that two-minute fix, that numbness I got when I used porn,” says Caroline. “I was stressed out, and I risked being late for my interview, but I pressed play anyway and fast-forwarded it to the bit I wanted. It took two minutes.”

Whoa. But is porn addiction really something to worry about? Like we said, guys get away with it all the time. Besides, what’s wrong with a little self indulgence? Apparently it’s a little more complicated than that….

Lara Stone in Playboy

Orgasm releases a dopamine-oxytocin high that has been compared to a heroin hit, and many regular users of Internet porn report experiencing an almost trance-like effect that not only makes them feel oblivious to the world, but also gives them a sense of power that they don’t have in real life.”

I think we can all agree that orgasms are amazing and definitely intoxicating. Also I think most of us would admit we were addicted to them. Depending on porn only for those urges though is not cool.

“Women who become regular users can suffer depression and low self-esteem because it can be hard to reconcile their enjoyment of porn with their intellectual dislike of seeing women used as sex objects.”

So how do we go about fixing this? We have a few suggestions.

1. Parental Controls. Put a damper on your porn cravings by prohibiting yourself from freely watching it. Sometimes we all need a little parenting.

2. Take a spa day. You’ve been sitting in front of the computer watching porn for too long. Go! It’s SPA WEEK!

3. Make a sex tape. Feel like watching porn? Put on your own tape and go nuts.

Los Angeles: JOYRICH Is Back!

Ah, the perks of Melrose shopping, merriment, funk, glam and plain-and-simple fabulousness all come together in JOYRICH‘s modern, brightly colored makeover. Located on the corner of Spaulding and Melrose, pop culture & fashion temple JOYRICH just re-opened doors last month and it’s safe to say that the store is looking better than ever. Take a peek:


Los Angeles: Banditz Grooming

Adam Moonves, Dan Regan & Gio Artiga, best known as The Black Banditz, opened a tattoo and barber shop on Melrose, a wicked combination we can’t believe someone hadn’t already come up with in Hollywood.

Black Banditz isn’t just a brand, it’s a lifestyle. The crew consists of young, creative peeps, self proclaimed “intellectuals and artists that open pathways through new cultural terrains for society to follow by way of music, art, and fashion.” Beyond this artsy propaganda, these guys sure know how to mix business with pleasure. Their sick shop offers total makeovers but also a comfortable place for friends and locals to hangout, play video games, listen to music, check out some rad art. They throw the best parties (you’ll often find them all at Hemingway’s), and a collaborative clothing line is in the works.


Interview Series: Donald Glover

To know Donald Glover is to love his music. This may come as a shock to some who have only heard about him from his many other projects; Donald puts out his music independently under the name Childish Gambino. And while you may not find his tracks on the radio (yet) they’ve been all over the blogosphere for a while now and a new EP is coming out on March 8. We had a chance to catch up with this outspoken rising star, and we think you’ll dig it!


A Tribute To Meg White, The White Stripes

The White Stripes are officially over, citing the breakup as “a myriad of reasons… mostly to preserve what is beautiful and special about the band.” We all know what’s in store for Jack, but he is only half of this now class rock duo. Meg completes the band as the sullen follower of Jack’s lead, but we sure do like her behind a drum kit. We wonder what she’ll get into now and we hope that she’ll let us listen.


Rising Star: White Arrows

We promised more from White Arrows… here it is. Mickey Schiff took some time away from recording with the rest of the boys to answer our questions.



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