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Countdown to Coachella 2012: FINAL CHALLENGE!

Well this is it, the final countdown! Dust off your feathers and Wayfarers and roll out the maxi dresses because the first Friday of Coachella is just 4 days away. If you’ve been following my Coachella Challenge Detox Program up to this point you’ve done a crazy amount of work on yourself – like whoa! In week 1 you gave up refined carbs and sugar and started drinking more water, in week 2 you gave up soy and dairy and added in lots of colorful fruits and vegetables, and in week 3 you kicked grains and alcohol and added in delicious healthy fats. Amazeballz!!

Photo credit: Caesar Sebastian


Detox Til You Retox: Mother’s Little Helpers

As a now-reformed party girl I’ve had my fair share of crippling mornings as the result of carefree fetes from the night before. My most memorable hangovers, (that one trip to Mexico, NYE, my birthdays 2005), now etched deeply in my psyche, give me pause to reflect (shudder) and now aid me in the prevention of overdoing it.

One such hangover, perhaps the biggest motherf*&^cker of them all, was post-Coachella 2010- aka the greatest party weekend of my life, and of all lives involved. It was one of those week-long hangovers that began with unbelievable pain (and me waiting in line at 8am Monday morning at the Coachella lost and found in the blazing sun for a hour, only to not find my Blackberry) and ended with a depression that had me convinced that no one would ever love me and left me generally questioning what my life’s purpose was.

Kit Kat Coachella 2010

Evidence of a good time, with Kit Scarbo at Coachella 2010


Countdown To Coachella 2012: Week 3 Challenge

So the first weekend of Coachella is less than 2 weeks away, but don’t freak out! We still have plenty of time to get ourselves properly primed for the myriad of pool parties and marathon of shows. By now you’ve got to be feeling pretty good! In weeks 1 and 2 you cut out all sugars and sugar substitutes, refined carbs, soy and dairy, and you’ve started drinking loads of water and eating a double rainbow of fruits and vegetables. Now that’s a major accomplishment! But we can’t just stop there… We can take it deeper, we can get even more primal…

Coachella Stage


Detox Til You Retox: Pop your Physique

When I left this morning, hair mussed and heart pumping, I was bathed in light briny sweat and my thighs were still quivering from the events that had taken place over the course of the last hour. Behind that door we had experienced something powerful, the forging of a new and exciting relationship. I knew that tomorrow I would still be sore down there, but in that good way, like the pain was a reward for a job well done; a badge of honor.

Pop Physique Butt


Countdown To Coachella 2012: Week 2 Challenge

Welcome to Week 2 of the 4-week Coachella Challenge! If you’ve been sticking to the plan since last Monday, I bet you’re already feeling healthier and more fabulous! If you have no idea what I’m talking about, check out Week 1, then pull up your bootstraps and get ready to get SERIOUS.

coachella ferriswheel

the sun sets over Coachella Valley


Detox Til You Retox: Start A Gratitude Journal

The Beastie Boys had it right when they snarled that gratitude would set you free. When you make a habit of expressing things you’re grateful for, it trains your brain to focus on the stuff you like about your life instead of all the junk you don’t, which frees us from the gnarly grips of negativity.

Ease into it! Keep a notebook next to your bed and jot down at least 3 things every night before you go to sleep that you’re grateful for. This could seriously be anything; maybe a friend talked you out of driving home from the bar, or you found a sick pair of Celine heels on sale at Barneys, or you decided to stay home and catch up on your Netflix rather than responding to his “drinks?” text (hmmm, wonder how many girls he sent that to?).

ME, ME, ME Panama Notebook by Smythson

ME, ME, ME Panama Notebook by Smythson


Countdown To Coachella 2012: Healthy Ways To Get In Shape

There are only 4 short weeks left until the first weekend of Coachella! Gasp! my excitement is entirely subdued by my night terrors; waking up in a cold sweat stressed by the subconscious reminder of my seriously winterized physique… which isn’t even remotely close to being bikini-ready. Honestly – I’m not even sure it’s burka-ready. How am I supposed to get Jarvis Cocker to fall in love with me with these tree trunks I’m working with?

Tree Trunks Lady Illustration by Kit Scarbo

Illustration by Kit Scarbo



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