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Teen Sex: Not Suitable for TV

Sex is an important part of life, but for impressionable teens, the explicit nature of modern television could be adding fuel to the peer pressure-laden fire.


Hot Wives

As sexually liberated women, we should all aspire to be a hot wife. And no, I am not talking baking cookies and holding down mundane house chores while donning four-inch stilettos – although that’s always a well-respected and welcomed activity. Nope, I am hinting at a complete different type of hot wife. This subgroup of hot wifery is encouraged to live out her wildest fantasies, is unapologetic about her sexuality, and gets off with whomever she wants to, all with the blessing of her understanding and appreciative happy-to-be-cuckolded husband. While this sounds far too good to be true, the Hot Wife is an actual phenom within the sexual alternative lifestyle community.


Made To Fit Clit Lit

Romance novels might be inundated with sugar-coated clichés, but what if you could play out your secret desires and most torrid fantasies on the pages of your own customized steamy bodice-ripper? Sound too good to be true? Think again. Thanks to customization-happy publishing house U Star Novels anyone can have their love life immortalized in print. It’s like a Choose Your Own Adventure book, but for the sexual set.


The Grey Area

For someone that considers herself to be an all-or-nothing type of gal – you know that black and white mentality that’s anything from temperate? – coping with what I call the “grey area” has been an arduous and unglamorous undertaking. What is the grey area of which I speak? Well, it’s that place that exists between the two extremes, a place that is pleasantly breezy and exempt from drastic action. The grey area symbolizes peace and habitual action, monogamy, trust, safety and security. Oh, and love.


Modern Swingers

When most people think of swingers, unsavory images of overweight members of the over-fifty set having group sex tend to come to mind. Yuck. Thanks to the media and choice documentaries like The Lifestyle: Swinging in America, the orgyists of recent are depicted as fleshy Middle Americans bumping uglies with their nearest and dearest—which is a far cry from their sexy, slinky, disco-tastic 1970s counterparts that put the sensually charged “S” is swing culture.

Well, that was until now.



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