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The Leather Jacket: James Dean’s Classic Cool

If I had to describe my style I’d say I got the classic skater look going: tight worn jeans, torn up skate shoes, band or brand tee and a hoodie. This is and has been my style for years, as I came up skating, listening to rap and rock n’ roll. But recently a close girl friend of mine who runs an amazing denim line suggested I should rock an old school vintage leather jacket.

Now I’m a creature of habit, so at first I wasn’t too keen on the whole idea. But she was set on it and said I didn’t have a choice in the matter – sure enough she found a vintage shop somewhere here in Hollywood and picked up a perfectly worn leather jacket from 1968 (thank you Sugar Momma)…


When Sex Is Casual

Since I’ve been single, things have been… well… very sexually active. I’ve met and have had the pleasure of being with some amazing, beautiful girls. Some of them were girlfriend material, others not so much, but at this point in my life, coming out of a long and rocky relationship, it’s impossible for me to be into any sort of commitment. What do people call it - emotionally unavailable? Right, well that’s me… Let’s be honest: I just tried too hard to do the serious thing for a long time, and now I want to have some fun. There! I said it. Now, I really do my best to make this known before I put out any sort of vibe, and despite (or possibly, because of) my clear intentions, girls seem game for the most part.

When I am out socializing, I’m very upfront and honest: if anything may or may not happen with me, it will most likely be casual… Ugh, I sound like a whore, but for the most part, when I’m talking or interacting with a girl, I am being genuine. I may not be interested, but I do love to make women feel good about themselves. They (you) are all beautiful, every woman is beautiful in her own way. Amazing, beautiful, CRAZY creatures you women are. And I find myself telling you that on every occasion I have, and then we have a drink and then a few more, and well… you know. But the fact is, I wake up next to a stranger most of the time just to figure out over and over again I’m still not emotionally ready for any sort of anything.

Ladies From LA to NYC: An Ode To NYC Women

Again this may be a generational thing, but lately I’ve noticed a decrease in the amount of clothing worn by a woman. Maybe it’s due to how overly sexy and provocative our society has become, or maybe it’s global warming, you can’t deny the fact that clothes are coming off. Now I don’t mean I dislike seeing a lot of skin and that you should be hanging around in sweatsuits. All I’m saying is leave a little to the imagination; as I try to point out as often as possible, men are very simple creatures. We don’t need to see too much to become interested.


Los Angeles: Pharmacy Boardshop

Pharmacy Boardshop prescribes a breath of fresh desert air for us smog guzzilers in LA; THANK GOD.

When it comes to Hollywood skateshops the pickings are slim to none. Most of them I would hesitate to call “shops” – they have more of an LA snobby boutique feel to them. Overpriced shoes, clothes, elitist employees and the feeling of “if I needed a complete setup they’d have everything you need……but bearings.” Although it is Hollywood, what would you expect? So I must say when walking into the new Hollywood Pharmacy, I felt like a little kid walking into his first skate shop all over again. It isn’t the overwhelming experience of walking into a huge Active franchise or something. The Pharmacy is short, sweet, and to the point. Exactly what a core shop should be, Hardgoods with a splash of soft.


Modern Chivalry: How To Make A Woman Feel Good

Let’s tell it straight: as a young man nowadays, considering the society we’ve bred and grown up in, chivalry ain’t what it used to be that’s for damn sure – or perhaps it’s simply evolving. In my mind, it’s simple enough. If you truly are into a girl, don’t smother her with over-the-top good manners and etiquette; most of the time, that attitude will make you look like a bitch, which isn’t what you should be going for, ever. Make a woman feel good about herself and you will find her hot and bothered in your bed at the end of the night. I only speak from experience.



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