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Art Basel Miami 2011 Re-Cap: Fashion

As we jumped from venue to venue, installation to cocktail hour, we had our eyes peeled for interesting fashion choices this year. This year? The tagging crew “Art Is My Weapon” was ubiquitous – on the streets, on scarfs, and on t-shirts – at all hours of the night. Meanwhile, the boys on the shore tended to have fun with their t-shirt choices – from humorous “Crack” selections, to vibrant colors. The girls got creative with funky accessories-  colorful, textured tights and funky, punky nails dressed up the no-fail LBD choices. (Half the time, cocktails were our best accessory.) Oh – other things we fell head-over-heels over? The endless creativity of street artists’ tattoos, pink buzz cuts, the top costumes at Paris Paris this year, purposefully tacky color combos, and cheeky peek-a-boo derrières. Check it.


Art Basel Miami 2011: Rubell Collection Stuns and Makes Fun

The recession is over. Supersize me and let’s party. OK fine. The recession is not over. But, still, let me see those pearly whites. Why the F*ck not? Let me paint you in chocolate gold. I promise I will make you laugh, have fun, be merry. Hell I will even tickle you. OK. I won’t. B/c only because my medication’s wearing down. In the meantime, enjoy the pin-up girls. They ain’t free. But they are fabulous.


Rising Star: Love Inks

Love Inks’ dream-pop tracks are perfect for a lazy, sun-speckled drive down a lone coastal highway, your arm catching wind outside of the car window. Simple bass riffs meld with subtle kick drum; Lead singer Sherry LeBlanc’s soft vocals drip over top so that you subliminally digest the lyrics.

Their music is a must on any summer mixtape – perhaps slotted between the music of two other lovey-dovey couple duos we love, the band Tennis, and the band Beach House. After all, while the band tours as a four-piece, sweet-voiced singer Sherry LeBlanc and bassist Kevin Dehan have the type of endearing chemistry that connotes a mellow, smiling dream-state. Did we mention we are craving a vacation in a bad way?



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