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SS 2012 Ready-To-Wear Makeup Trends

Christmas, New Year’s, Valentine’s Day were all great, but we’re over holiday makeup. Puxatony Phil saw his shadow and rumor has it that Spring is about to be sprung. So what’s more exciting than a makeup revamp? Less expensive than a closet makeover, yet just as satisfying. Let’s take a look at SS12 RTW for some inspiration, shall we?


Party Beauty Tips: Three Hot Looks

Twenty-five minutes to the cocktail party? New crush will be there? Going with the new boyfriend? Old flame with new girlfriend rumored to be in attendance? You’d better get it together, sister. Here are our three favorite ways to make a smashing beauty statement in 10 minutes or less. Oh and make sure you keep the cocktail count under two… eye junk, running brows, or feathered lips are never a good look!



Makeup Guys Like: Let Them Speak Up!

What brings all the boys to the yard? Well, probably not fuchsia lipstick. You’ve heard ladies being described as dressing for men or for other women, this theme runs true for makeup trends as well. For the most part, if you’re looking to land a dude (or a free drink), you’re going to want to keep in simple and flirty. We already assume this:


Get a Perfectly Bronzed Goddess Summer Glow

Its tricky being a girl. Working out, eating right, mastering the art of flawless no-makeup makeup. And now that summer is upon us, we’ve got to prance around perfectly bronzed like its no big deal.

Photography by Candace Meyer:


White Jeans Will Get You Laid

Upon listening to the radio the other day, I learned a little something new: men view women wearing white jeans as communicating, “the forbidden hello.” Really? I had to Google that term, and then Urban Dictionary it – the internet also supports the Radio DJ’s thesis. From a male’s perspective, this nefarious interpretation is reasonable, but who knew it was such a widely accepted concept?


Far East Movement: A Japanese Approach to Beauty

Japan has always had a knack for innovation; taking existing concepts and improving them. The Japanese approach to the beauty game draws upon their enthusiasm for both efficiency and aesthetic. Cosmetics do their job; cream eyeshadows don’t smudge, mascaras won’t run and lip colors don’t skimp on pigment. Hair and skincare follow a similar path, they seem to just work. Clean and sleek, think less Harajuku and more Comme des Garçons. As if these invisible pored/ silky straight-haired/ GNP power-housed beauties didn’t have enough going for them…


Busy Bee Beauty Tips: How To Put On The “I Slept 8 Hours” Face

Women of 2011: We are busy. We are stressed. We live (fast) in a man’s world. We hustle our careers, obligations and lives while keeping our aesthetic composure. And when living and working in a major metropolitan area, this means becoming several versions of ourselves throughout the day. We don’t always have time to stop home before drinks, and occasionally (If we’re lucky) we’ve got to be resourceful enough to marathon through a sleepover with a special man-friend. The savvy city gal can transition several looks over 24 hours without skipping a beat. Thank God for reinforcements.


Pre-Season Beauty Thrills and Trends

So it’s no longer the Holidays, and not quite Spring… You don’t have the base tan to be rocking coral tones, but perhaps you’ve grown tired of a matte red lip. Luckily miladies, several beauty trends should help you transition smoothly into the warmer months. Don’t store your burgundies and deep berries just yet – we’ve got things to do…

The SS11 runways contained the usual suspects; dewy skin, flushed cheeks, a subtle glow. However, this pre-season does have some quirky tricks up its sleeve…



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