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London Calling: KR3W Euro Trippin’ Tour

Traveling around for the past two decades has taken me to many places around the world. London is one place I’ve always wanted to visit, but the timing was never right. And in the past six months I’ve found myself there twice, once for a KR3W Euro Trippin’ Tour with Lizard King, Ali Boulala and Tom Penny; and this past week we were back in the UK for a store opening of ONE At Slam City Skates with Chad Muska, Ali Boulala and Stevie Williams. On both occasions, we were in London for a mere 72 hours. No sightseeing of the places you would expect to see in these photos to follow. Just a look into what I witnessed while walking the old streets of London. Let the grime shine through!


Las Vegas: Andy’s Sage Fried Chicken

With a slogan like Twisted Farm Food and Bjork blasting out loud in the dining room, you know you’re in for something out of the ordinary when you first step into Hash House A Go Go, a breakfast oasis located on Sahara Boulevard five miles North of the Las Vegas strip.



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