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Lookbook Lust: Candice Swaenpoel for Brian Atwood

With a slogan like “Sex is in the heel,” it’s hardly a surprise that shoe designer extraordinaire Brian Atwood‘s new campaign has caused quite the stir. Featuring Victoria Secret model Candice Swaenpoel, Atwood’s latest ad spot explores a dark underground world where sexual exploration is encouraged, and thigh-highs seem to be the uniform. “Fuck Me” shoes have never looked so good…


Art Crush: Laurent Seroussi

All I can think of is my titillating collegiate encounter with Kafka’s Metamorphosis as I gaze upon these wildly imaginative images from Laurent Seroussi. The French photographer/graphic designer channels the widely-acclaimed short story that marked a pivotal turning-point in 20th century literature with a collection of photographs appropriately titled Insectes.


Lingerie Guide: Nipple Pasties

Move over Dita Von Teese, pasties aren’t just for burlesque dancers anymore, and with lingerie labels like La Perla and Agent Provocateur and Bordelle releasing versions of the product so stunningly glamorous it’s simply impossible for us to not jump on the bandwagon and snatch up a pair. A perfect excuse to unleash the inner minx in the bedroom with a little striptease, or stimulate intrigue underneath a sheer garment, the contemporary twist on an exotic professional’s classics is sure to get the juices flowing while maintaining a classy coy. Well actually Dita, let’s hang out!



Thierry Bornier’s Snapshots Of Yunnan

While we all know that China is the most populous country and home to the oldest culture in the world, most people fail to realize how unbelievably beautiful the country actually is. French photographer Thierry Bornier was so mesmerized by the majestic lands that he decided to move to the Southwestern province of Yunnan, creating a tour guide company specifically designed for fellow photographers, LensScape China.

zhengjiajie hunan china2


Lookbook Lust: LN-CC’s AW12 Collection

Leave it to the Londoners to be on the cutting edge of fashion, yet again. British retail concept LN-CC (which cryptically stands for Late Night Chameleon Café) is part unique London store space, part online boutique curated with such precision it’s like taking a peek inside the head of a street-tagging, Lanvin-wearing, satirical genius. Have a look at their new AW12 collection:

LNCC_Anderson Women's Felt Kilt // Blackmeans Jacket // Sunspel Women's Basic Vest_ J.W. Anderson Women's Box Pleat Skirt_Jil Sander Women's Cropped Leather BomberW12


Editorial: Layla Sailor’s “Ceci N’est Pas Une Photo”

Layla Sailor‘s ethereal photography first enchanted us when we discovered her work for Whitney Eve’s “Bits & Bobs” Fall 2012 collection. The soft lighting and subtle earth tones that transcended us to a realm fit for a Grecian goddess seem to be Sailor’s forte, as she presents us with a charming new editorial series titled “Ceci n’est pas une photo.” Have a look:

Layla Sailor_ceci n'est pas un photo1 READ_MORE>>

Kickstarter Watch: Sublime Experiment

“No matter how mundane or ordinary something seems, if you trust that they are remarkable, that they are special, that they are beautiful and work with them without giving up, they will eventually prove to you that they are.” Korean-born jewelry artist and traditionally-trained metalsmith Yong Joo Kim attempts to challenge the idea of superficial beauty through the launch of her new line Sublime Experiment.

Sublime experiment_collection READ_MORE>>

Cool Find: Laurel Broughton’s “Mr Knife, Miss Fork”

Anyone who’s ever come across French author René Crevel’s novel Babylon knows that the story of the escapades of “Mr. Knife, Miss Fork” marks a cornerstone of surrealism in literature. The book explores the illusory world of a young girl who reacts to her father’s adultery by imagining him and his mistress fall in love as “Mr. Knife and Miss Fork,” role-playing them running across a white tablecloth of the Atlantic Ocean. Inspired by Dada style and Crevel’s surrealist storyline, designer Laurel Broughton released a clever new accessories collection for Welcome Projects titled “Mr Knife, Miss Fork.”


Editorial: Eddie Chacon’s “Death Becomes Her”

Last month we were mesmerized by Eddie Chacon of Metropolis of Vice‘s raw black and white photographs of the gorgeous Susann Moore. The musician-turned-photographer is no stranger to using his camera lens to unveil the mysticism of feminine sexuality in a dark, ominous way , and this new collection of images titled “Death Becomes Her” – exclusive to Live Fast – is no exception. The shoot was styled by Sissy Sainte-Marie and features model Katie Broad.


A Nod to the Classics: Kansas City’s New Parking Structure

I still remember the first time I truly fell in love with a book: it was in sixth grade English that I was introduced to the fantasy world of J.R.R. Tolkien’s The Hobbit. Whether it was the eccentric characters, the visually descriptive otherworldly settings, or just the poetic way the novel read, there was something about The Hobbit that left such an impression on me, and to this day I can not only say it is still one of my favorite books of all-time, but I will begrudgingly admit that I have been counting down to its cinematic arrival for quite some time now. Alas, times have changed, books have been replaced by Kindles, iPads and DVDs and literature is sadly becoming obsolete (at least for a lot of people). That’s why in our media-driven, technology-savvy world, it’s a refreshing sight to see a metropolitan community acknowledge the timeless literature that once shook the world. Peek at Downtown Kansas City Library‘s new parking structure.

kansas_city_library_parking_garage_3 READ_MORE>>

Kickstarter Watch: Bloc Socks

Dimitar Apostolov’s new project Bloc Socks introduces an adorable collection of hand-knit booties and socks with a cause. After going back home to Patalenitsa, Bulgaria last summer, Apostolov realized that his beloved grandmother’s knitting tradition could warm people’s feet and hearts far beyond his family and the farm he grew up in. He decided to put together an initiative to help her and her friends open a knitting center.


Interview Series: Jess Eaton on EatonNott’s Roadkill Couture

Would you wear a dead animal carcass if it had been transformed into something fabulous? Jess Eaton of UK design boutique and studio EatonNott has done just that, turning the tragic death of furry creatures into exquisite garments in her controversial collection titled “Roadkill Couture.” Made of animal pelts, feathers and bones, the collection was showcased at Brighton Fashion Week in 2011 and met with both a standing ovation and tons of controversial press coverage.


Interview Series: Rowan Mersh

UK-based textile sculptor Rowan Mersh first caught our eye with the astoundingly innovative dress created out of old WWF magazines, a piece that debuted at a World Wildlife Fund charity event in London earlier this year. Mersh crafted the visually robust, yet fragile sculpted dress using origami to fold and rework the WWF member’s pages with a mastery that instantly sparked our curiosity about the man behind the designs.

Rowan Mersh Untitled, 2012 © JIM NAUGHTEN


Stay Cool: A Photobook by RJ Shaughnessy

Lazy beach days, endless nights, hot summer romances, and reeking havoc around town… there’s just something about the summer season in Southern California that makes even the most cynical feel young, wild, and free – like anything is possible. Hollywood-based photographer RJ Shaughnessy perfectly captures the energy of a limitless Los Angeles summer in his new photobook entitled “Stay Cool.”



Only Happy When It Rains: Dresden’s Funnel Wall

I have to say, listening to the rain fall is one of my absolute favorite thing to do. There’s just something so calming and serene about the sound of the little droplets of water as they crash against a hard surface. That’s why I was particularly enchanted when I spotted the Kunsthofpassage Funnel Wall, located in Dresden Germany. The instruments attached to the vivaciously colored building are part of its draining system, turning the building into a unique orchestra when the weather becomes wet. A gloomy day instantly brightened by the music of brass instruments reacting to nature’s sounds is just so unbelievably charming.



Meet American Apparel’s New “Advanced Basics” Model Jacky

Shock value is no stranger to fashion label American Apparel, and clearly they’re at it again with their introduction of the new “Advanced Basics” model Jacky. Miles away from their normal model prototype of a disheveled, naked, barely legal hipster, Jacky is American Apparel’s first grandma model – adding a bit of diversity to the label. Although Jacky is undoubtedly a stunner, and the majority of her shots for the line channel the sophistication of a woman of her age that’s “still got it.”

American Apparel_Jacky



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