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Babe Talk: Jen Humphrey

A homegrown California girl with flawless style and impeccable taste, it’s easy to see why Jen Humphrey, L.A. based model, actress and author of, has gained such a large following. Classic rock n’ roll and rebellion is the road to her soul. She’s a sensational beauty with a piercing stare, who loves a leisurely Sunday morning in bed with a cup of coffee and her cat Zeppelin. Looking sexier than ever on this month’s cover of Playboy, it was about time we got to know this babe a little better with an exclusive interview and pictorial.


LF: Give us some background on Jen Humphrey, where were you born/how long have you lived in L.A., how do you like your coffee – you know the basics?

JH: I was born in San Francisco, but then moved north where I was raised in Rohnert Park. I have lost count of the years I have been here… Maybe 7 or 8? I’m the worst when it comes to time. I like my coffee with Splenda and a sugar-free vanilla creamer! I have a cat named Zeppelin who I rescued and I absolutely adore him way more than he likes me. I’m a sleeper, I love love love to sleep. I could honestly sleep till 12 or 1 if I don’t set my alarm.

LF: When and why did you start

JH: I started it because I wanted to share a bit of my life and style with the world. Plus I hate having any kind of down time so it was fun for me to dive into working on that when I wasn’t modeling.

LF: What did you do to gain such a large following?

JH: I honestly don’t really know?!

LF: What kind of music inspires you and why do you use lyrics intermittent the photos on

JH: Classic rock n’ roll all the way! My mind just goes there. Music and fashion are my passions so I just wanted to combine them. I feel the lyrics make the photos come alive just like how music is to a movie.

LF: How did you get into modeling?

JH: I got into modeling when I was about 15 and have taken a few breaks throughout. My older cousin was modeling all over the world and when I was little, I was like yep that’s what I want to do!

LF: What do you find sexy?

JH: A bit of rebellion always does the trick. There is just something about doing what your not supposed that is extremely sexy to me.

LF: You’re a Playboy cover girl this month! How did that go down? Can you tell us about the experience and how it came to be, how you felt, what your favorite look was, etc?

JH: Yes I am, and am very excited about it. It all happened so fast but of course I was a bit nervous the day of the shoot since I have never done anything like that before especially knowing it will be published. Everyone was so nice though, so I felt extremely comfortable. I loved all the looks because I they had an old Hollywood glam feel BUT my favorite was my last shot which ended up being the cover. Since it was the last shot they let me get my hair wet, then I went to my go-to pose which is always making a kissy face, haha. I do that when I can’t think of what else to do.

LF: What do you think creates good synergy between a photographer and model?

JH: Trust! If there is no trust then the photographs won’t be as captivating if there is. You are giving people a glimpse into your soul, there needs to be trust and comfort.

LF Where was your absolute favorite shoot location?

JH: I love location shoots they are always so fun and just add another element to the experience. I love any chance I get to go to the dessert so I would have to say one of my shoots in Palm Springs where I shot at the Viceroy. The hotel vibe is so cute I just enjoyed being there and ending the day with a dip in the pool.

LF: If we see you out at a bar and offer to buy you a drink, what would you most likely order?

JH: Easy! I’m a complete wino, so I would order a red wine most likely a cab.

LF: Do you find yourself craving anything? 

JH: I have an extreme sweet tooth and at the moment I crave and have almost every night a graham cracker with nutella on top. My mouth is watering just thinking about it.

LF: What is the first thing you do in the morning?

JH: Make coffee!! It’s a must! Then try to get my cat Zeppelin to cuddle with me for a bit but he never does…

LF: Is there a certain color you’re inspired by right now? How would you wear it?

JH: White! I am loving everything white at the moment, it looks so clean and sharp. I would wear it all layered together then add a bad ass black boot.

LF: Do you have a spirit animal? If so, what and why?

JH: Yes I do! My spirit animal is a raccoon, which makes total sense. Raccoons are known to be a bit of a troublemaker and like to get into mischief. I can be a bit mischievous at times….

LF: How fast do you live?

JH: Live Fast, Die Young…

Photography by: Chris Swainston

Styled by: Aban Sonia

Beauty by: Gabbi Pascua

Hotel Tour: Pier View Suites

Helicopters echo like thunder and sirens scream through the streets. Los Angeles is a jungle filled with fun and games but, like a sexy girl who’s very hard to please, I’ve just got to escape from the hustle sometimes. With Erin Moon riding shotgun, we hit the 101 North towards Cayucos, a quaint costal town in San Luis Obispo County just north of Morro Bay. With a little less then 3000 residents and only one traffic light in the entire town, it was exactly the escape we were looking for and Pier View Suites was to be our mid-week getaway.


Recap: The Skateboard Mag Photo Annual Party

Originally when I went to The Skateboard Mag Photo Annual Party I thought it would be fun to shoot with a disposable film camera to capture a raw party vibe. What I didn’t anticipate was how delicious Herman’s new Saint Archer beer was going to be, #sorryforpartying and #sorryforblurryphotos. The second thing I didn’t anticipate was my pro photo lab (a.k.a Walgreens 1hr) breaking down and turning it into a one week photo lab that destroys film. So with all my excuses laid out on the table, I present you with a photo essay titled “Beer Tastes Better Than Photography!”


Interview Series: Tyler Durtschi

Dark + Dawn is a collection of handmade, sterling silver jewelry created by artist Tyler Durtschi in Echo Park, Los Angeles. His designs are simplistic but surprisingly unique, combining religious symbolism with geometric and architectural designs and incorporating unique materials like coyote bones and salmon teeth.

His first designs – which have become his signature – were paper clip crosses bent from sterling silver rods. “I got the idea while working at a law office, putting paperclips together into different shapes,” Durtschi explains. “I was collecting lots of religious medallions and crosses at the time; the cross is charged and powerful, but I liked the idea of it being made out of simple, everyday items.”

Two years after that first paper clip cross, Dark + Dawn can be found from West to East Coast in stores like What Goes Around Comes Around and Factory 413 in Los Angeles to Federal in Washington, D.C., with a full collection online at We paid Durtschi a visit at the Echo Park apartment where he lives and works to learn a little more about his decadent line.

LF: What piece are you working on today?

TD: I’m doing a necklace and bracelet commission for a guy in London that saw one of my necklaces that a friend of mine was wearing.

LF: Tell me about the process.

TD: I start with annealing a square wire to shape it, then hand cut, fit, and solder the design together. A lot of the architectural and simpler shapes are made this way. I carve the more detailed pieces from wax and have them casted in a shop downtown. Eventually, I want to do that myself, but I need a furnace and centrifugal caster, and that takes up a lot of space.

LF: What materials are you working with?

TD: Almost everything is sterling silver. I’ve done several wedding rings in gold and some stuff in bronze, white bronze, and brass. I’ve also been using coyote bones, teeth, and salmon jawbones.

LF: You have a BFA in sculpture from the University of Utah. How did you transition into jewelry design?

TD: I wanted to create pieces I could make myself and couldn’t find anywhere else.

LF: Did you have any additional schooling to learn about jewelry making and metalwork?

TD: No. I didn’t know anything about what I was doing at first. If I wanted to learn something, I walked around the downtown jewelry district asking people what to do – it was definitely a learning process. It probably would have been easier to go to school or take some trade classes, but I tend to think I can just figure out everything for myself. It’s kind of a downfall at times, but I wouldn’t have made anything like I make it now if I would have gone to school to have someone tell me what to do. I like that I figured it out on my own. Sometimes shit goes all to hell and doesn’t work out, but it did, and it’s perfect the way it is.

LF: Religious symbolism is often incorporated into your work. What do you find intriguing about these symbols and where does the interest come from?

 TD: There is all of this meaning and mysticism set into these different symbols with a huge history behind them that fascinates me. I was raised Mormon, so it has always played a role in my life.


LF: Are you still Mormon?

TD: No, after my mission in Central Canada I realized it didn’t fit into my life. Nothing negative happened — it just didn’t fit.

LF: How did Dark + Dawn go from paper clips to an up-and-coming jewelry brand? 

TD: I put up a shop online, and all of the friends I have just happen to know the right people — I feel super lucky in that way.

LF: What’s next for Dark + Dawn?

TD: Possibly working with American Rag, I’ve talked with the owner about getting my line onto the website.

Interview and photography by Christopher Swainston

Staring At The Sun: Snapshots From The Solar Eclipse

May 20th, 2012, marked the date of the first annular solar eclipse visible in the United States in eighteen years­. It was visible from Northern California to the upper panhandle of Texas, but it was a small town in Southern Utah by name of Kanarraville that NASA officials identified as the sweet spot for viewing the eclipse in its entirety as the moon passed centrally across the sun, displaying the “ring of fire.” The last time this happened I was nine years old, and the next time it happens I will be well into my forties, so my girlfriend and I decided to make the 400-mile journey from Los Angeles to see the eclipse.



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