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Live Fast Mag curates the best of fashion, art, sex, and travel. A vivid and sexy inspiration board for the aesthetically-inclined, Live Fast features in-depth interviews, putting the spotlight on up-and-coming artists, designers and the beautiful minds of our time.


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Art Crush: Bela Borsodi’s “Skin Flicker”

Bela Borsodi is well known for his creative editorial and advertising work, with a focus mainly on telling stories with still life photography. So this series, titled “Skin Flicker,”  feels a bit out of his comfort zone – but we love it just the same. He’s painted nude females in heels with light in various erotic positions, creating dramatic images that look almost like paintings.


Interview Series: Adam Caldwell

Artist Adam Caldwell leaned heavily on his passion for philosophy when storyboarding his latest body of work “Empty Room” for Shooting Gallery. The paintings address the concept of  “Cartesian Dualism” and its impact on Western society. What the hell is that, you ask? Yeah me too. But a studio visit and conversation with the über intelligent artist helped me to understand the visual decisions in his work, as well as how philosophy has shaped him as a creator.


Art Crush: Sainer

Polish artist Przemek Blejzyk – a.k.a. Sainer – amazes with his colorful, whimsical figures, which he paints both on canvasses and the streets. There’s a darker edge to his style – you’ll notice that none of his characters look at you – or their faces are hidden in some way, almost as if they are masking their sadness…


Art Crush: Julia Comita’s “Metamorphosis”

We’re really feeling this editorial on Twisted Lamb – an intense photo series by Julia Comita called “Metamorphosis” depicting ‘unknown creatures living inside their domain.’ The metamorphosis comes to life with Comita’s surreal juxtaposition of S&M costuming with provocative ballet contortions against a stark industrial background. You kind of get an eerie feeling when viewing this series, but it is almost the Day of the Dead, right? Have a look.


Inspiration Board: Tucked Style x 3.1 Phillip Lim Fall 2012

Justin Bridges, the creative mind behind Tucked Style, worked with model Anica Myburgh in crafting this deeply urban, mildly dark  Phillip Lim Fall 2012 inspiration board – loosely based around the 3.1 Phillip Lim comic book “Kill The Night.” The story is meant to exude a neo-noir flare, and the images definitely fit this dramatic cinematic style. We’re loving the suit-style feel of the pieces, fitted around the waist giving them a professional-chic look. Nothing like a city girl!


Fashion Radar: Q&A With Courtney Capretto

Courtney Capretto – one half of the fashion mavens behind the wildly successful line 10 Corso – couldn’t be happier right now. A designer from a young age (she started designing and sewing at age nine), she’s made a name for herself in LA for her elegant but clean style. She first perfected “the little black dress” with her brand Capretta, and now her most recent label, 10 Corso, defines “model off duty street wear.”

Don’t be surprised to see 10 Corso’s designs on your fave celebs, because word is spreading fast! Lucky for us, Courtney took a moment out of her hectic schedule to chat about the future of her hip line. Check out the interview:


Editorial: Eddie Chacon’s “Cherry Bomb”

Since Dakota Fanning’s portrayal of Cherie Currie in The Runaways we just can’t get enough of ”Che-che-che-che-cherry Bomb!” Introducing model Volha and her sultry red locks, photographed exclusively for Live Fast Mag by Eddie Chacon. You’ll notice an intentional touch of cherry in every image – from the model’s clothes to her lipstick to the red door in the background. It’s a subtle but genius way to pull it all together. Let’s get sassy!

Photographer: Eddie Chacon

Model: Volha (Photogenics)

Make up: Traci Barrett (The Rex Agency)

Hair: Veronica Valdivia

Styling: Sissy Sainte- Marie

All clothing provided by Sainte-Marie Vintage


Studio Visit: Casey Gray

Artist Casey Gray has been repping the art world for a while now with his ornately detailed work using stencils and spray paint, and his upcoming show “Garden Party” at White Walls is no exception. I spent some time this week with him in his studio space – a giant converted warehouse he shares with ten other people – fully equipped with a skate ramp, art studios and a recording studio. Though Casey has been pretty elusive about his signature style, you really do wonder how he produces such detailed work using spray paint – he let me get an inside look at his process. Read his interview below:


Art Crush: ROA “Dominant Species”

I recently attended the opening of Belgian-born artist ROA‘s solo show “Dominant Species” at 941 Geary gallery in SF. I’ve been following his work for a long time, watching in awe each massive piece that he erects on the streets of the world, depicting the prominent animal species of that area. The work through the keen eye of a naturalist – contrasted with the chaos of human existence and waste – has propelled ROA to prolific ranks in the world of street art.

“‘Dominant Species’ refers to humanity aside the history of the States, from the Spanish conquest that consequentially, and brutally, changed the native life up to the contemporary human invasion of the landscape.”

His installation at 941 Geary was jawdropping. Upon entrance, he confronted you with large piles of found objects and salvaged materials depicting a dystopian narrative of how civilization can run down the land it grew from. This included small enclosed spaces and video collaborations with Spencer Keeton Cunningham and Colin M. Day.

Above you see someone manipulating one of his pieces, which often show multiple anatomical layers of the same animal. Below I have mixed in a few of his street art pieces so you get an idea of the scale of his street work vs. his gallery work.

(All street art photos via ROA’s Flickr stream. All other photos and animations by Abby Wilcox)

If in SF, and you’re a dedicated street art lover, or just art lover in general, go check out this installation at 941 Geary. It’s definitely a once-in-a-lifetime experience. The exhibit will be free and open to the public for viewing through November 3rd, 2012.

Kickstarter watch: Our Open Road

We’re inspired by this Kickstarter campaign called “Our Open Road” by COMUNE / Drop City contributor Adam Harteau, and we want to support his travels. We love COMUNE (you may remember our interview with pro snowboarder / artist / creative director Corey Smith), and Adam has been a mainstay with for them with his inventive t-shirt graphics. He’s planning a trip of epic proportions – leaving Los Angeles with his family in their Westfalia van – and driving to the southern most tip of South America. There’s 39 hours left to pledge and the trip is already fully funded, but why not get them more money for the ride?! Learn more about the trip in the video & pics below:


Art Crush: Modernica x KRINK Collab Chairs

KR, an old-school grafitti artist originally from Queens, NY, developed his own inks in the ’90s so he could go bigger and bolder than what the materials of the time allowed. That’s how KRINK, a graffiti art supply line, was born, and it’s been a mainstay for street artists ever since. Recently, KRINK collaborated with Modernica on this chairs project for Art & Council. Watch as he custom paints the chairs in LA’s HVW8 Gallery, as well as the exterior of the gallery itself. The video is pretty detailed and gives you an inside glimpse at the process.

Interview Series: Ben Frost

Ben Frost‘s current show “See Inside Box For Details” at Shooting Gallery SF (Sept 8-29, 2012) feels a little bit like a subversive childhood dream, presenting the viewer his take on the chaotic, seedy nature of pop culture and our loss of innocence through advertising. Both painter and street artist, his controversial work points out how media-obsessed we are as a society, focusing on what he sees as a pre-packaged lifestyle.


Interview Series: Rone

When I first met Melbourne-based street artist Rone, he sat perched up on a platform outside White Walls Gallery, his long hair silhouetting the sun. He painted thick eyelashes onto a large-scale street portrait of his signature “girl” and chatted with me about his upcoming show. He laughed and pointed out to me that he was keeping a log in his phone of some of the things the homeless people were saying to him as he painted. One woman’s conversation went like this: “That’s amazing!” (talking about his painting). “I should give you a million dollars!” Rone: “Do you have a million dollars?” Woman: “Is this worth a million dollars?” (shows him a broken electrical adapter). Rone: “No.” Woman: “What about this?” (shows him her boobs).


Interview Series: GREATeclectic

There’s something pretty raw about these mashed-up collages of Pop culture by Miami-based artist Kendrick Daye – a.k.a. GREATeclectic. But as you really spend time looking at the work, taking in the colors, patterns and  subtle messages delivered by the artist, you begin to understand his thought-provoking examinations of modern culture. In a sort of Andy Warhol/Jean-Michel Basquiat fusion of styles – heavily influenced by Pop and Politics – GREATeclectic has taken the art world by storm with his compelling “pastiches” – which he calls them: a whole in-and-of themselves but even more so in context of one another.


Sexy Cartoons: “Sex Is No Accident”

Sex is no accident. Ain’t that the truth? Sex is so premeditated sometimes, you know from first glance across the bar what the future of your night holds. Well, when we stumbled across these HILARIOUS videos for MTV Switzerland by art director Alphons Conzen, we couldn’t help but post them (because you know, we can all relate). The Hannah-Barbera-esque throwback quality of the videos, combined with the  satirical manner in which the characters meet their sexual fate, couldn’t be a better way to spread the message “Sex is no accident, always use a condom.” Seriously, you’ll get a kick out of them. Enjoy!


Wanderlust: Koji Nakaya’s Aerial Tokyo

Have you ever been to Tokyo? It literally is stimulation overload for the senses from all directions, and though some districts are more vibrant than others, the city pops with energy.  And it really is expansive, I can tell you from personal experience, with clusters of sky rise buildings everywhere offering dramatic 360 degree cityscape perspectives. Photographer Koji Nakaya has managed to shrink the sweeping terrain of Tokyo with his surreal aerial images using a tilt/shift treatment – making the landscape feel miniature – though it happens to be the world’s biggest city. On you’re next trip to Asia, spend some time in Japan’s pulsing mecca, you’ll discover a wide range of foods (including amazing Italian cuisine) and shopping that’s to die for. Would I go back? In a heartbeat…



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