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Art Crush: Andreas Preis – Signs of the Zodiac

What would life be without the occasional horoscope prophecy? For some reason, we tend to find a comical sense of comfort in the signs of the Zodiac – all wrapped up in a few snappy sentences about love, success, money and health. Doesn’t a little spirituality make life feel a little more spontaneous and fun, and less straight-and-narrow? We are in love with these brilliantly detailed b&w illustrations by Berlin-based illustrator Andreas Preis of the signs of the Zodiac. The clean lines and intricate patterns play tricks on the eyes, while there is something a bit haunting and dark about each astrological figure. Have a look:



Bruno Dayan’s Frisky Photography

There’s nothing hotter than women photographed in the nude, bearing lots of skin, getting a little frisky in beautiful light. Paris-based fashion photographer Bruno Dayan has brought this lovely scenario to life in this sexy, boudoir-inspired photo-board. Take a peek:


I Can See Boobies!

We somehow stumbled upon this boobilicious video on Vimeo by Reset! & Nom De Strip called ‘I Can See Boobies,’ a tribute to the late director Russ Meyer, whose low-budget satirical grind-house films most always featured large-breasted women. His most successful directorial achievements included Easy Rider and Beyond the Valley of the Dolls, along with a variety of other soft-core films.

P.S. – the vintage-toned film is full of booby shaking, is weirdly reminiscent of the Bullet car scenes in San Francisco, and it’s kind of X-rated.

Paris in the Rain

Paris is known for many things – couture fashion, the Eiffel Tower, the Croque-Monsieur  – but not many people take notice of the rain in the city streets quite like photographer Christophe Jacrot. The rain distorts reflections and color and the repetitive appearance of the umbrella really make you feel like you’re there, standing in the rain, in Paris. Isn’t that a nice thought?


Art Crush: Diego Fernandez

What about a woman’s face makes it such an attractive muse for artists, painters, and photographers? Is it the mystique, the beauty, the intrigue, the naïveté or the sensuality? Actually, the list could go on and on! It’s probably a combination of all of these attributes, but one thing is certain, ARTISTS LOVE WOMEN! Case in point, Buenos Aires-based painter and illustrator Diego Fernandez. His eye for capturing the emotive moment in his women is spot-on, making them appear vulnerable and enticing simultaneously. Have a look:


Bathing Ape (BAPE) Skate Inspired FW11 Collection

Bathing Ape’s (BAPE) FW11 campaign makes the skate shoe a hot commodity for the ladies. There’s just something spine-tingling about a sexy girl wearing short skirts and skate shoes – showing some leg – but keeping it real at the same time. The styling in the campaign is spot-on, and the model Daisy Lowe definitely knows how to strut her stuff in the simple yet organically propped studio setting. Have a look at the collection and the video below, and perhaps you will be inclined to pick up a skateboard and hit the pavement in NYC! We are!


Time Travel: Freedom Rides

Occasionally, for the Travel section, we feel compelled to include a “time traveling” post when we find something that moves us. Well, these images of Civil Rights Era mug shots posted by the Alabama Department of Archives and History did just that (thanks Bryce for sending over!). The struggle for civil rights in this country was a violent, well-deserved fight, and every once in a while it’s good to be reminded of that.

The first set of photos are mug shots from the Montgomery Bus Boycott (1955-56), a historical protest intended to oppose the racial segregation of the public transit system. The campaign lasted from December 1, 1955 when Rosa Parks was arrested to December 20, 1956 with the United States Supreme Court decision declaring segregated buses in Alabama and Montgomery to be unconstitutional.

On the right below is the mug shot of Rosa Parks…


Interview Series: Chor Boogie

SF-based street-artist Chor Boogie knows his color. AND he is a master with the spray paint can… incorporating symmetrical shapes with surreal portraits to create his signature street style. His work can be seen in city streets all over the world, where he promotes his “Color Therapy” concept and the importance of continually maintaining balance as an artist. We had a moment to chat with the jet-set street artist, and this is what he had to say about his impressive career:

LF: There is quite a spiritual element to your work. Can you talk about why this is so important?
CB: Balance.. I believe Balance is an important part of life especially in my work..


The French Riviera Is Calling!

Everyone has a different outlook/perspective when they pick up a camera, especially in a place as memorable as the French Riviera. For travel, we scoured Flickr and collected a series of photos from different photographers for a virtual vacation to the South of France. Have a look:

(Photos via Flickr by TheRealJasmina)


Art Crush: Francoise Gamma

For some reason, we find ourselves in awe of the animated gif, mainly because of the process that goes into making this art form. Also, perhaps it takes us back to some reminiscent time in the 1990′s where gifs were JUST PLAIN COOL!  It’s similar to animation, where each frame is drawn in step to create movement, as seen in these organic sci-fi gifs by Francoise Gamma. Have a look:


Art Crush: JKB Fletcher’s Sexy Superheroes

Someday, sometime, somewhere you must have fallen in love with a superhero. Even if not intentionally, the human psyche gravitates to the iconic archetype of superheroes such as Spiderman and Wonder Woman. UK-based painter JKB Fletcher‘s expert photo-realism paintings of women as superheroes, mixed with drippy, glistening sensual details ooze sex appeal! Have a look… they are marvelously erotic!


Interview Series: Free Humanity

Urban street artist extraordinaire Free Humanity is blowing up the streets of Los Angeles and it’s hard not to take notice. And he is proud to be human! He spreads his political commentary – he is known for his radical integration of Che with Obama called Chebama – in an effort to keep people informed about the social manipulation of humanity that occurs on a daily basis. He’s a super spiritual artist, and his messages are meant to spread positivity to the everyday man.

He works largely with stencils and adds hand-finished color, incorporating a distinct pixelated effect, which he then wheat-pastes on the streets at night. If you happen to come across one of his pieces in the streets, stop and take a moment to admire! We had a moment to sit down with Free Humanity to chat with him about his work, his inspiration and his street-wise lifestyle. Here is what he had to say:


FAST times in Los Angeles

It’s always FAST times in Los Angeles! The city makes for the best photo boards, with a landscape that sometimes feels stuck in the Golden Age, but boasts a motley crew of modern and interesting characters. Eye candy for any photographer, for sure! For me, when I come from San Francisco to get some face time with my lovely editor, the city reveals itself in mysterious ways. It’s not that I try to dig deep into its underbelly, sometimes I feel as if I just touch the surface, but that’s what happens when you’re a visitor. You’ve got to be a Hollywood local to get deep into the nitty gritty. Regardless, I always have a spontaneous, colorful, martini-filled time in the City of Angels, where the energy in the art world drives me. LA, I miss you! See you again soon!


Interview Series: Swampy

Elusive street artist Swampy shook up San Francisco with his staggering one-night exhibit ‘In My Bedroom’ at the FIFTY24SF gallery in the Lower Haight. It was a mind-boggling event – the front half of the gallery filled with a collection of the freight-hopper’s photographs (yes, you read that right, Swampy spends much of his life traveling the country via train, a highly illegal and dangerous past-time), as well as a few of his original paintings.

But the most brilliant part of the show was the second half. Within the gallery, the artist built a wall, literally – which divided the space in half – and one of the paintings lifted to reveal a large hole. Once on the other side, Swampy’s drawings and random musings covered every aspect of the space, all of the walls and the ceiling. You could buy anything in the room for $60, and he sold EVERY piece. In one corner sat a mattress, one of his traveling coats, a single lamp, a vintage tape player and a handful of mix-tapes. There were also randomly placed relics, such a signed railroad spike, medicine bottles, paint cans – the basic necessities of a drifter. He was at the show, we learned, but chose to remain anonymous due to his illegal activities as a freight-hopper.

Sensibly Fashionable: Bangkok-based Greyhound

Bangkok-based fashion house Greyhound makes it quite clear who their core target consumers are. With a style that’s simple + chic + luxury + sophisticated, the innovative clothing line looks to dress the finest in art-related fields like advertising, music, entertainment and design. Since we are so heavily invested in all of these areas, it’s a perfect match for the LF style. Have a look at the SS11 collection:


Secret Spot: North Korea

UK-based photographer Charlie Crane has done the close-to-impossible. In this series called Welcome to Pyongyang, he focused his camera on the sterile landscape of Pyongyang, the capital of North Korea. This may be one of those decisive moments – a rare opportunity to get a glimpse of the super secretive country – and the images speak loudly about the North Korean culture. This is what Crane had to say about his admission into North Korea, which he considers his strongest work to date:

“For me the answer was simple, photograph what they want you to see. If there is no possibility of getting underneath the surface then the answer was to photograph the surface itself. This series is taken from a larger body of work in Pyongyang, the capital city of North Korea.

Although not commonly thought of as a holiday destination all these photographs have been taken at tourist sites throughout the city.

It took over a year to get permission to go in with my camera and nothing quite prepares you for what awaits. I was not allowed to take my mobile phone past customs and was met by two guides who were to accompany me at all times throughout my trip. At first they appeared robotic in conversation as if reading from a script, telling of their country’s great achievements. After a few days and many polaroids the guides became more relaxed and personable.”



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