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Interview Series: Mia Araujo

As masterful with her medium as she is with her own imagination, Mia Araujo inspires others to get lost in the whimsical world of expression created for a much-needed escape from everything mundane and obvious. With an incredible solo show at the famed Corey Helford Gallery behind her, Araujo proves the only way to create is by simply doing what inspires you most. I recently connected with Mia and had the opportunity to dig a little deeper into her process, influences, and motive behind her recent Los Angeles show.


Interview Series: TYPOE

Art simply cannot be confined to any one medium, expression, act, or material and the same “no-rules” approach applies whenever Miami-based mastermind Typoe is involved. Partner in the creative powerhouse, Primary Projects, Typoe has crafted his reality to reflect his wildest dreams and reveals his point of view through the use and abuse of the unexpected. Whatever the unexpected may be… I recently had a moment to catch up with Typoe while in Miami to find out what makes this young genius tick.


Fair Review: SCOPE Art Fair New York City 2012

One of the most influential traveling art fairs recently invaded New York City bringing a splash of color back into glib Gotham. Rightfully titled, SCOPE successfully unites the world’s most inventive artists, curators, and their galleries under one roof to provide a closer look into relevant contemporary works, while embracing multiple disciplines. Globetrotting collectors and art enthusiasts alike travel from all over to engage and exchange their love for boundless creativity all the while procuring “modest” purchases that would make both the prince and the pauper blush.

I began my journey into this aesthetic wonderland with a Primary Projects‘ installation by Kenton Parker. With his latest piece, “The Infinity Trophy Room,” a site-specific showcase of lifetime achievements and disappointments, Parker displayed a limitless illusion, leading folks into a mirrored hall-of-fame that grasped at your eager inner-child. He evoked an aire of comic relief cleverly disguised as victory through laughable one-liners engraved into specific works. New and old, each statue rendered unorthodox scenes still immensely relevant to our current social setting, while it encapsulated a new perspective on the otherwise elitist winner’s circle.

Primary Projects


Review: Getting Inside The Outsiders With Kiki Valdes

Recently, curator and fellow artist Kiki Valdes orchestrated a group of incredible personalities and artists to bring forth “The Outsiders.” Miami served as the backdrop for his multifaceted group exhibition. The city filled with influential creatives, tastemakers, and socialites was buzzing with anticipation for what Kiki believes came together naturally. Joined by eleven others, in a warehouse, next to abandoned train tracks, the show was born. We got a moment to catch up with Valdes just a few short weeks after the exhibit to get a better understanding of the man inside “The Outsiders.” Photos by David Cabrera.


Interview Series: JeanPaul Mallozzi

A New York native and now a Miami transplant, JeanPaul Mallozzi is one of those wonderful artists that seems to grow more human the more familiar you become with his work. He delivers a perspective that is not only personal but also relatable, all in the same glance. Here I got a chance to catch up with JeanPaul after the Art Basel Miami dust settled to get inside the mind of the man behind the paint brush.

On the right path ( Tenacity) 58 x 41″ Mixed media on Rives BFK


Q&A With Primary Flight’s Chris Oh

If Art Basel changed the face of Miami forever when it made “the city where neon goes to die” its American home back in 2002, it’s safe to say that Primary Flight‘s annual open air museum and street level mural installation transformed Wynwood and the Miami Design District into the global epicenter of street art. We had a chance to sit down with PF co-founder Chris Oh to chat about the neighborhood’s history, inspiration, politics and what graffiti lovers can expect to see during Basel Week 2011:


Interview Series: Stian Roenning

As if we needed another reason to love the constant flow of maniac creatives in Miami, Norwegian import Stian Roenning proves you can produce inspiring works while maintaining perspective. Fellow troublemaker of the Overthrow camp, we took a minute to chat work, play, Art Basel in Miami, his musings, and travels back to his icy motherland.



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