Live FAST Mag in a few words…

Live FAST Magazine has been showcasing the best of Fashion, Art, Sex and Travel by the means of an online magazine since 2010. Acting not only as an inspiration board for the aesthetically inclined, it also serves as a platform for influential individuals to showcase their creative endeavors. Launching a print magazine to accompany the preexisting digital platform in Fall 2014, Live FAST is dedicated to redefining ‘boundaries’ between different artistic mediums, encouraging & inspiring readers to create a lifestyle that’s their very own and pursue their passion.


Photo: Jennifer Stenglein


Photo: Giorgos Legakis

“Live FAST Magazine encompasses what we consider to be the best aspects of life – FAST being an acronym for Fashion, Art, Sex and Travel. Adventure, creativity, intimacy and feminine power are some of the main facets of the brand. While our content isn’t gender tailored, it is curated by a fantastic team of intelligent women with the goal of empowering young creatives.”

-Vivianne Lapointe
Editor-in-Chief, Live FAST Magazine


Photo: Michael Blank


Photo: Laura Austin