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Halloween in the San Francisco’s Haight

People in San Francisco love a reason to dress up. But Halloween gets especially intense, where the weekend transforms into a three-day romp of illusion, excitement and wild parties. I got my share of SF in freak show mode on Saturday night, so I decided to spend Halloween night with my camera, in my neighborhood, to document the people behind the masks. I set up a piece of white paper on a storefront, and voilĂ ! I was able to capture some fun studio-esque shots!


San Francisco’s Bay to Breakers Fashion

Typical fashion? Not a chance on the 100th anniversary of Bay to Breakers in San Francisco, a seven mile romp from the SF bay to Ocean Beach. It is a legitimate footrace, but for most people, it’s all about organizing your team and crafting costumes that make you wanna go OOOOOOOOO. Some people get super creative, and others just go naked. Have a look at the spectacular day – which was supposed to hail, so we were thankful for blue skies – and all of the wild, flamboyant (drunk) antics that ensued! Gotta love San Francisco!



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