UNEMPLOYED Magazine: A Publication for the Unrestrained Creative

"Circles" by Greta Ilieva

UNEMPLOYED Magazine, the brainchild of Sophie Tabet and Cecile Winckler, is breathing new life into the print industry with its unabashed perspective. Cheeky and always up for a good time, the digital and print publication offers a platform for artists to indulge in their creative whims while producing meaningful and challenging work.

Having recently released Issue 03UNEMPLOYED  is in an ever-expanding state of evolution. When asked the ways in which the publication has evolved since it’s debut issue, Sophie was eloquent and precise, citing the growth of their contributor network. It is this blooming roster of creatives that helps them stay true to their original intention of “working with [their] talented and underrepresented peers to create a world with no bounds.” This referenced world without bounds is apparent throughout each page of the magazine. For example, take Harley Weir & Emilie Kareh‘s “If You Own A House, I’ll Marry You,” a story shot in Sophie’s hometown of Beirut. It is an enthralling, delightfully strange reality that we are invited to slip into as we gaze at each frame. This type of raw, captivating content is what makes UNEMPLOYED at once fascinating and spectacular.

Harley Weir Lebanon

“If You Own A House, I’ll Marry You” by Harley Weir & Emilie Kareh

Harley Weir

“If You Own A House, I’ll Marry You” by Harley Weir & Emilie Kareh

Perhaps my favorite aspect of UNEMPLOYED is the attitude behind it all. Both Cecile and Sophie have a sense of humor, never taking themselves too seriously and never indulging in their innate coolness. When asked what the precise moment was that the publication was born, Sophie quipped “the moment Cecile and I came up with the name, I knew we had a bright, jobless future ahead of us.” When prompted to describe where she sees herself in 10 years, Cecile replied, “Podgy and old, waiting for Sophie to arrive, sipping on a long island ice T.” Curious what their favorite moment from the Issue 03 release party was? It wasn’t even from that night. “It was the following morning when Cecile received a text from the Pépito Boys, [who] hosted the us, asking if we saw anyone having sex at the party because they found a used condom on the dance floor.” It is these genuine moments that are equal parts hilarious and refreshing. It is this position of unbounded freedom that is reflected within the pages of UNEMPLOYED MagazineOrder Issue 03 hereexplore their digital destination here, and view our favorite images from their latest release below.

Greta Ilieva St Petersburg

“Circles” by Greta Ilieva

Sophie Green 1

“Pedigree Power” by Sophie Green

Sophie Green 2

“Pedigree Power” by Sophie Green

vicky king- CMYK5 copy

“A Single Point of Blinding Light” by Vicki King

vicky king-CMYK3 copy

“A Single Point of Blinding Light” by Vicki King

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