An Anonymous Escort’s Story Will Change the Way You View Sex Work


All too often sex workers are vilified for their profession. Between damaging stereotypes and legalities binding what they can disclose about their work, this particular sect of individuals are seldom given the platform to share their daily experiences and encounters. Michael Donovan, a mixed media artist, recently invited a 23 year-old escort/emerging artist to share her story on his self-titled podcast. The result is a poignant, stream-of-consciousness narrative that explores the curves and turns of a young sex worker’s mind. The New York-based woman invites listeners into her world by sharing her journey to the present day. From how she keeps her occupation under wraps by alternating between telling some that she works as an art archivist and others that she is a professional dominatrix to her addictions, fetishes, and dreams, all is revealed in this episode. Listen below.

It’s All Gucci…