Welcome to the Secret Society: Courtney Kimmey’s Hot-As-Hell Tropical Paradise

Meet Courtney Kimmey, a Los Angeles-based photographer and our latest Secret Society member. Fiercely creative, down-to-earth and full of adventure, she’s an obvious addition to the Live FAST Secret Society. She just gets it.

When Courtney isn’t behind the camera depicting Southern California life in all of its beauty, she is in front of it. Shot in Puerto Vallarta by Drew Merritt, Courtney takes us with her to tropic nights and hot days, soft lingerie and a handsome accomplice. This editorial is a reprieve from the daily hustle, a renewal of the two strongest forces we know: love and art.

All lingerie featured is by Hot-As-Hell, available here.


LF: Who are you, where are you from, and what do you do?

CK: Hi my name is Courtney! I’m a Los Angeles transplant from New York. I moved to LA when I was 18 to be a photographer and since then have been doing that.


LF: Describe your creative aesthetic, particularly pertaining to your photography.

CK: Up until recently, I always felt like I had to have a reason behind every picture I took. I was finding that my images always fell into a person, place, or thing category. The idea of having to explain my work was horrifying, especially to a critique class at my art school. I left crying so many times because I believed that since I couldn’t explain my photographs, then I wasn’t a “good photographer”. This truly made me scared of photography for a while. I think an image can speak for itself and doesn’t always have to mean one specific thing. For example, someone can look at my work and think, why is that model topless? But then someone can also see that same image and instead question the models emotions. That right there says something more about the person viewing my work.

Knowing that a photograph itself has the ability to do this has led me to take risks, specifically with lack of censorship and honest subject matter. I also meet so many inspiring people living in LA, that it means so much to me to be able to photograph them. That’s also how I feel about traveling too.

I am at such a positive point in my life right now and it is my biggest fear to look back at these days and regret not capturing some of the beautiful moments I get to experience.


LF: What is your definition of love?

CK: Love is a constant obsession that never goes away. You think about that person more than you think about yourself, which is the dangerous part of it. Love is also when you can’t stop smiling at the thought of that person.

LF: What is your favorite Secret Society lingerie piece worn in this editorial?

CK: The Jen Romper! Big big big fan of black lace.


LF: What turns you on? Turns you off?

CK: Turns me on: Guys in overalls and messy hair. I guess I kinda have a thing for dirty guys… Oh, and a good mustache. Turns me off: Someone who thinks they are smarter than me.


LF: How does your favorite piece of lingerie make you feel?

CK: Picture Penelope Cruz’s crazy sex scene in the movie Blow… That’s exactly how I feel. Any piece of lingerie paired with a choker makes me feel extra scandalous and powerful. Having confidence in yourself is super important to me and a good piece of lingerie has the ability to really make me feel that way.


LF: Who/what are your top 5 inspirations?

CK: Guy Bourdin, Bianca Jagger, Alaska Young, my sister, and the artist who shot this editorial, Drew.

LF: What is the last piece of art you discovered?

CK: Stumbled upon Kimsooja’s Crystal Palace via Pinterest this morning. That thing is gorgeous.


LF: What is your vision for your future?

CK: I see myself moving around and doing a ton of traveling. Regardless of where my photography leads me, I want to pursue those experiences and adventures. I also love getting in front of the camera and plan on taking that aspect of my work as a creative more seriously.

I won’t settle for doing anything other than what I love, and that’s a positive feeling to be having right now as I watch my dreams unfold.


LF:How FAST do you live?

CK: Fast but still cruising and enjoying the ride.

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