Diane Arbus And Her Early Years. A Must See


There is greatness in the beginnings. Diane Arbus is undeniably one of the most influential photographers of the last century. Her work is a cornerstone to the art form. She created a raw aesthetic all her own that many have in her wake, tried to emulate. It is always intriguing to read the early drafts of writers, to see the fetal stages of someones career, the seedlings that later grow into what we praise them to be. The MET is currently hosting an exhibit focusing on the early year of her career, particularly images taken from 1956-72.

2.-Jack-Dracula-at-a-bar-New-London-Conn.-1961 3.-Lady-on-a-bus-N.Y.C.-1957 5.-Man-in-hat-trunks-socks-and-shoes-Coney-Island-N.Y.-1960 11.-Stripper-with-bare-breasts-sitting-in-her-dressing-room-Atlantic-City-N.J.-1961

A Midweek Meditation On Zadie Smith’s Literary Brilliance, Michelle Obama’s Grace and Common’s Never-ending Creativity

This week, I’m leaning into love. Love for literature and one of its most brilliant minds. Love for our First Lady who feels like family instead of political royalty. Love for Common, a man whose trademark creative impulse shines on an unofficial remix of “Cranes in the Sky.”

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