Exclusive: “Prairie Rose” by Danielle Defoe

The holiday weekend is buzzing around us, the temp climbing, and the beers are on ice. We are ready and wanting, or possibly needing, to jump in the car and drive to the nearest open stretch of land. All our inspo and a bit of envy is coming from this breezy series.

On a ranch in Ojai, California, Paige Elkington is living the American dream. Captured by photographer Danielle DeFoe, the all-lady team assembled for this shoot has shown us Americana might be the best vibe on the market. They’re reaching for a pinnacle of summer and reminding us just how sweet it can be to properly kick back and watch the sun go down.

DeFoe’s sharp eye, paired with the stylings of Eleanor Wells, has created the kind of holiday weekend we want to last an entire summer. This shoot feels like much has been stripped away. Paige’s natural beauty and the freedom of this location speak for themselves. And I am pretty sure together they’re signing a John Cougar Mellencamp song.

Paige is beautiful in a kind of way that hurts so good. She’s got dreamy eyes that just might make a man leave his life, and some curves that are sweet slow like honey. She is a grade A American babe, and we thank our stars for that. Because there are few things more American than the open range, some airstream hangs, cold beers, and letting your nipples kiss the breeze.


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